#Wivenhoe Town Regatta 2018

16 June 2018 » 1 Comment


One Comment on "#Wivenhoe Town Regatta 2018"

  1. Jase
    Tim and Adrienne
    16/06/2018 at 7:55 pm Permalink

    Nice picture of our boat, “Winter’s Bride”, sail no GBR7806T, sailing under main only past the Roman River mouth.

    We live in Wivenhoe but sail from West Mersea Yacht Club ( I grew up in Mersea ) and we sailed round to watch the fun. We were also pleased to be able take two of Adrienne’s bell ringing friends from Wivenhoe for their first trip on the water, to see the village from the river. Adrienne is bell tower captain at St Mary’s

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