A hit and run S Ldn day.

I had to be back in SW9 very early.

I wasn’t banking on a 3:30am start.

Cheers Daisy.

Cheers Dotty.

I failed to get the cats in overnight. I went to bed at 10pm expecting them to be by my side an hour later.

I was sleeping solo when I woke at 3:30am.

‘aint that always the case?

Slight concern took me back downstairs and then out into the garden.

Hello Daisy?

Hello Dotty?


Back to bed it is then.

Daisy did join me about half an hour later. But by then the Estuary Wilds sunlight was starting to shine through.

I didn’t get any more sleep.

Madam Dotty then rolled up at 5am as I was tucking into the Bran Flakes.

DIRTY STOP OUT, Madam Dotty.

The train journey back to S Ldn was a little delayed.

Oh dear.

I crossed at Ldn Bridge on the Brompton, taking a little time to take it all in.

Crossing at Ldn Bridge. We carry on

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Commuters were doing the power walking thing, South to North. Yet still the scene around the Southwark Cathedral end of the bridge was one of solace.

I finally made it back down to Sunny Stockwell for a full on day in SW9.

You can’t go wrong with a School Choir rehearsal for Eye of the Tiger.

It was a decent day. I even managed a game of football at lunchtime.

Y10 science saw an introduction to electricity.

“I once met Michael Faraday”

…claimed Boy Y.

Good for you, fella.

I had no time for further S Ldn explorations. The South Lambeth Road flat is entering the final phase of the renovation. I have been told that it would currently send my OCD over the edge.

And so I cycled back over Ldn Bridge, back to LS and back to *over there.*

Oh dear.

Anna wasn’t far behind on the same line.

I tried to explain to Dotty why I was looking so tired.

She did a stinking shit in the litter tray.

Cheers, Madam Dotty.

And then Thursday evening was all about admin bits and bobs before being in bed by 10am for the exit poll.

I’m doing it all over again the morning.

I trust shifty politicians more than I trust Madam Dotty right now.