A return to the waters of Lake Brockwell to start off Friday morning.


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It got off to a good start by photo bombing the lovely Jonathan.


It was more of a social event than a swim to be honest. I haven’t seen most of the Icicle crowd for four weeks now.

Such lovely people.

I did my thing splashing about, and then twelve lengths later cycled back to Sunny Stockwell.

I had a quick turnaround in the flat, and then headed up to St Pancras.

I’ve got a weekend away with the parents in the Fair City. This is the first time that I have been to their new Nottingham home since they moved out of the old family abode.

Not a lot had changed – the same furniture and fittings, just a slightly different structure.

My Dad spent most of the afternoon trying to fit – and test – a new doorbell.

It was like living through a live episode of George and Mildred.

The afternoon was spent on work shifts and catching up with Anna back in Essex.

Like me earlier in the week, she is finding it tough alone in the house without the mad cat.

I wouldn’t say I’ve exactly enjoyed the past 24 hours, but getting back to South London, and now Nottingham, has certainly helped.

A little bit of family time, and then the Man Utd match and the hockey final to finish off Friday.