A blooming good start to Saturday with the first bursting of the wisteria flowers for the season.

The purple loveliness fitted the mood for the past few days. What a lovely reminder of life and all that shit.

Bloody hippie, Jase.

Anna and I then made a dash along the Trail and into a very Sunny Colch for the Colchester Parkrun.


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We managed to fall out spectacularly whilst this photo was being taken.

This was the first time that the Girl has taken part in Parkrun. I reckon that she has been biding her time, and waiting for the moment to take me on.

Colchester Park Run, innit

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I approach Parkrun with a turn up and see how you feel ethos. Four pints from the night before suggested that I was literally treading water.

Anna however has the killer eyes where everything needs to be pushed to an extreme. Anything other than a PB is simply second best.

And so I legged it at the start line, leaving the Girl trailing in the distance.

See ya!

I wasn’t really up for anything spectacular.

Half-way round and my laces came undone. I couldn’t be arsed to stop and lose the momentum, and so carried on round the course, hopeful of simply finishing.

24 mins maybe?

Later in the afternoon and the official time dropped of 22’10”


Seventeen seconds off a PB. I should drink more BOOZE and run bare footed in future.

Oh dear

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Anna’s time was… open to the possibilities of improvement in future runs.

We cycled off to the pool for a splash around and a clean up.

And then there was a quick turnaround back at base, before buggering off on a Dulwich Hamlet away day.

Oh Lordy.

Off to cause trouble at Needham Market, no doubt #dhfc

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I have been looking forward to Needham Market away with the pink ‘n’ blue army for a number of weeks now. The added excitement of Dulwich needing a draw to make the play-offs gave it an extra edge.

We planned to arrive in deepest Suffolk with time to spare, and to hit the boozer before kick off.

Bloody Greater Anglia had other ideas.

What should have been a simple journey ended up taking over two hours. It was hit and miss if we could make it in time for the kick off.

We arrived at the home of the Market Man [is thigh right?] to be greeted by a grand gathering of pink ‘n’ blue.

#dhfc, innit

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What a bloody ACE away support.

A brief photo walk around the ground, a Brixton Buzz editorial meet with Mike Urban, and then we took up our position with Disco Darryl and company.

Dulwich were bloody awful.

Oh dear.

A fightback of sorts was staged towards the final fifteen minutes or so. A 2-1 away defeat was sufficient to see Dulwich through to the play-offs, thanks to the results elsewhere.

A little more BOOZE followed.

Some seemed to enjoy it more than others.

There was the temptation to turn it into a pink ‘n’ blue bender. But I didn’t trust bloody Greater Anglia to be honest.

We ended up back in the estuary wilds at a reasonable hour.

The entertainment from Friday evening continued, with a screening of Under the Cherry Moon.