I took the wise decision to sleep through the referendum coverage and wake up early instead.

Oh dear.

Back to bed?

Sadly not.

Anna and I both had flickering screens at 4:45am, not quite believing the information that we were scrolling through.

I bashed out a brief Buzz piece, and then realised that I had to… leave. Back to Lambeth as well.

But bloody Greater Anglia was playing silly buggers again.

I really needed to be in a South London school. Breakfast was spent not quite believing the @greateranglia Twitter feed.

Buy yeah – wtf is wrong with this place when you can’t even travel into London for two days consecutively?

*irony* Comrades.

And so another work at home day.

I’m running out of school work to do from home.

@RobertElms was emotive, yet spot on. He seems to find the mood of London perfectly on these occasions.

His polemic was far from rhetorical. But he painted an aural picture of despair and separation.

The rest of the UK is indeed a ‘foreign country.’

*ha, ha irony*.

The other work emails stated to drop around lunchtime. We have many European clients. The tone of the emails from up above was reassuring, but the point had been made.

Did that really happen last night?


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I drowned my sorrows in the pool with an afternoon swim. At least the estuary wilds was looking GLORIOUS for the bicycle ride in.

The swim was good with a lane to myself. A fella in the adjacent lane had dropped something and was searching around for it on the basin of the pool.

I spotted a glow from a distance, and so swooped to help out. I thought that it might have been a lost wedding ring.

It was an earplug.


Le jardin, innit

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I did a bit of evening gardening back at base. The wisteria shoots have spouted 10cm in the past two days alone.


We watched Glasto for a short while.

I felt very lost.

And then some work shifts to finish Friday evening.