Aching limbs as I hobbled down the stairs on Friday morning.


I don’t know where that came from.


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I tired to cycle it off on the Trail, but I was just sluggish.

It even took some time to warm up in the pool.

Fifty lengths later and I was GRINNING and ready for a half marathon.

Steady the buffers, Jase.

West Ham Wanker was on fine form.

I find it difficult to follow the thread of his conversations, such is his higher intelligence, and the ability to hold three conversations simultaneously.

England footballers getting their bollocks kicked on Hackney Marshes, Nik Kershaw and the perfect shampoo for the summer season were all up for consideration by Mr Wanker on Friday morning.

What a fella.

Friday morning was spent on a mixture of work shifts, and then running around in preparation for a pretty manic South London weekend coming up.

I downed tools just after 2pm, and then buggered off back to Sunny Stockwell.

I had a slight detour via the Walworth Road, and a rendez vous with Bob, he of Bob’s Bikes.

Having arsed around for almost three months now, I finally managed to buy a new MTB.

I should have just gone to Bob in the first place.

Don't buy another MTB Jase, don't buy another MTB. Bugger.

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Disc brakes, front suspension and a colour scheme that will soon be lighting up an estuary wilds trail near you sometime soon.


I cycled off to the flat, this time with a rare South London meet up with Anna.

It was brief. I was on new table delivery duties; the girl disappeared down the road to The Oval for some t20 twaddle.

The not very helpful delivery geezers had chosen a Friday evening for the new table action.

Anna and I drew a lot to see who would get the short straw.

I reckon that she rigged it.

The bloody table never turned up.

BIG old South London day tomorrow.

We’re both at the lovely lido together for the first time since, oooh, 2006?