I took up my position in the tea drinking chair early on Friday morning and sighed.

It wasn’t a sigh of despair, but a deep sigh of content.

The first cup of tea of the day – the first of well over a dozen – was enjoyed at the optimum moment when the sunlight burst through on to my jim jams.


Make the most of these GOLDEN mornings; the weather forecast was to piss it down later in the day.

Deerhoof had the #LateJunction mixtape slot.

I barely had time to stir the second mug of Rosie Lee before Thelonious Monk Septet and Abide With Me broke out.


Abide With Me is the only church twaddle that I can… abide.

It’s all about Cup Final Day, innit.

I made plans to rewrite my final Will and Testament, with alterations to the funeral arrangements.

Happy Friday, Jase

Disco Darryl dropped a cracking scoop.

Did you hear the one about the newspaper that wasn’t allowed to carry news?

The Postman Delivers:

The Postman Delivers: a Dyson hose #OddJase

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The morning work was routine.

I had the all clear to disappear for the luncheon swim.

Like a #WeirdWiv incarnation of Christ the Redeemer, Mr Cormorant stands proud alongside a #Hythe boatyard

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Mr Cormorant is looking like the North Essex interpretation of Christ the Redeemer.

A power swim followed with thirty lengths. I’ve actually missed the indoor Essex pool over the past couple of days.

Some mad old bird was wading through the slow lane, fully clothed.


Our team had some half decent work feedback later in the afternoon. It’s well deserved after a summer of changes.

I listened to the final session of Surrey Vs Yorkshire back at The Oval.

It was bloody hard listening tbh.

Disco Darryl and I then pressed the magic modern interweb button and fired up Metroknobbers the Town Hall Tapes once again.

We’ve been discussing this over the past few weeks. We have the content, we HAD the platform in audioboom.

But then bloody audioboom went all commercial on our backsides.


We’re experimenting with Anchor instead. It was quite a smooth process.

The aim is to record this fast and furious whenever the content appears.

We don’t want to spend any time on production values. We’d rather be hunting down stories than polishing off the final output.

I spent the late afternoon chasing an AWOL desk.

Anna bought it last night in S Ldn.

She contacted me this morning in Cumbria asking where the desk was.

I had to do the chasing from the Estuary Wilds.

I fear another South Lambeth Road missing wormery situation developing.

Friday evening was spent BOOZE free, watching Bournemouth Vs Brighton.