The new relaxed Twitter changes kicked in for the Colne Radio account first thing on Wednesday morning


You try composing a 140 character plug for the schedule including an image of the weather forecast every day.

It felt like I had the luxury of writing an undergraduate essay first thing.

I plodded around the garden ahead of cycling off for the swim.

Ah look: passion fruit.

Passionate kinda guy, innit

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Phroarrr, etc.

The gradual decline into the golden age of autumn wasn’t so fruitful along the Trail. Slugs positioned themselves at every vantage point around the tight corners.

What was that all about?

I hate killing anything. I place a scented hanky over my nose whenever Anna has a midnight mission to drown the garden slugs in BOOZE.

But I reckon that I took half a dozen out on the MTB during the bicycle ride in.

Early mist lifting

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There was absolutely NOTHING of significance to report with regards the swim.

It happened.


In Pigeon Chicks Wisteria Nesting News: shit, etc

Fall out from the pigeon chicks nesting in the wisteria. Shit, etc

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The Autumn raspberries are also starting to flower. I suspect that the shitting pigeon chicks and the appearance of raspberries aren’t entirely unrelated.

And so it continues: Autumn raspberry cane action. Oh Lordy

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Most of the day was then taken up with work shifts. Policies are changing across various clients. I spent a lot of time updating files and trying to stay across it all.

I managed to write the Warm and Toasty blog post following the delightful afternoon n Walton yesterday.

I found the process tough to be honest. Usually my fingers just start working and the words flow.

I gave a little thought to the Warm and Toasty piece. This is where it sometimes falls apart for me.

Work went all the way through until 7pm, and then I had to leg it down to the train station on the Brompton.

I’ve got a manic couple of South London school days coming up, plus the final hurrah of the season down at The Oval tomorrow.

#wearetherey. AND PROUD, etc.

*although technically Surrey aren’t playing*