The 7am work shift under sleepy eyes. The past few days of running around S Ldn are taking their toll.

I thought of adding an extra category to my pointless online abacus: Number of Frogs Brought in by Daisy.

If operational, the tally would have read THREE by 7:15am.

Naughty Dotty.

I started work on editing the SE21 school content from Tuesday. I had a 20 minute documentary filmed by the Year 11 students that I needed to condense. Cutting it down was difficult.

I managed to find a S Ldn Handy Man who could hang our pictures in the flat when I’m back there tomorrow.

We bought them around four years ago before the renovation really started. They’ve been under the bed, waiting for this moment.

I feel some closure coming on tomorrow afternoon.

More work shifts and half an eye on PMQ’s.

I can’t say that I’ll miss it during the recess.

See ya!

Midweek Muddy Banks Man, innit

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I managed a luncheon swim. It was quite a culture shock to be back indoors after a week of #lidolove.

A little more work, and then a major wisteria HACK session. It has exploded whilst I have been away from the Estuary Wilds.

Some more work, and then I settled down for Warwickshire Vs D***yshire in the t20.

It was hit and miss if the new bloody new Sky arrangements via BT would actually work. I’ve worked out that my BT TV contract comes to a close next month. I’m looking at different options…

Anna was also on t20 duty back down at The Oval with KP.

Guess who got the better deal?

I’m heading that-a-way in the morning…