A wet and cold Saturday where everything seemed like a struggle: Park Run, the lovely lido, Herne Hill Velo.

Two of these three events would have packed up for the season back in September less than five years ago.

But hey!

It’s cold at the lovely lido; outdoor track cycling can be a little nervy in late autumn.

No shit, etc.

Brockwell Park Run was decent.

I caught up with some of the Icicles also pounding Brockwell Park before the race that’s not a race started.

I pushed myself up the Cressingham Hill, and then did it all over again for shit and giggles.

I finished on a high. A couple of half-decent Cllr’s were even as polite to have a chat with me.

The official race time of 21’38” dropped a little later – 30 seconds off a PB.


I thought that I was maybe a little faster.

I procrastinated my arse off in the changing rooms at the lovely lido.

I wasn’t up for this.

Friday felt fine; an overcast S Ldn skyline can turn the mood.

Brockwell Blue, innit #lidolove

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I eventually stripped off and put in an average eight lengths – two short to match the water temperature of ten degrees.

I headed straight for the sauna caravan to recuperate.

Fusion have introduced an annual charge for the caravan this year.

No one is paying.

Which meant that the sauna resembled the Northern Line at 7:30am.

It was over-crowded and hot and sweaty.

Apologies, Madam.

And Sir.

The atmosphere was a little too shrieky for my liking.

I prefer the no communication of the Northern Line.

I showered, and then cycled up the road towards le velo.

The Midday skills session was on my radar.

Except the midday skills session has now shifted to 1pm for the winter season.

oh, oh.

I hung around watching the BIG boys and girls go through their elite training.

The SE24 skies bruised.

This led to drizzle.

Oh dear.

The resurfaced track now means that rain doesn’t stop play on the outdoor sticky track.


I had paid my £10 and wasn’t really on for the chase.

Rain and the overnight onset of toothache made for a slightly miserable session.

I bonked after 45 minutes.

I cycled back to the flat looking and feeling a little miserable.

My cycling for the day wasn’t done. I had to take the Moulton Deluxe that I bought last week over to SE17 for Bob – he of Bob’s Bikes – to give a good seeing to.

This was the first time that I have had the chance to actually ride the bicycle. I could have picked better weather conditions.

The seller told me that the gears were b0rked and that the inners probably won’t stay inflated.

Um, chapeau!

To my surprise it rode like a dream over to SE17.

The gears were smooth and the air held its own.

Bob was most impressed. I’m confident that it will be a half-decent town bicycle once he has worked his magic.

#LidlLove #Stockwell

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A brief Lidl run, and then I needed to dry out and warm up.

I put the heating on in the flat for the first time since 2013.


Of COURSE I am a tight arse; but it has only been since the summer that we finally got round to fitting some new radiators.

Some general online catching up followed.

I bought some tickets to see Panthers back in the Fair City next month.

Well I never.

Some FaceTime with Anna, and yet more treadmill school content publishing concluded Saturday.