Metroknobbers No. 4

Come Labour Bombs and fall on Plumstead?

Sub-Standard falls for the spin of proposed Plumstead Bridge

No to Silvertwon Tunnel

London Garden Bridge

New York High Line

East London Line

Trimming Joanna Lumley’s bush

Lambeth Communications

Brixton Buzz on the Lambeth Communications spin

Regional Director of Labour Party appointed as apolitical Head of Comms at Labour led Lambeth Council

‘Community campaign’ to save Clap’ham Fire Station

Apolitical campaign produced by Lambeth Council to save Clap’ham Fire Station

‘Abuse of funds’ in apolitical Lambeth Council poster campaign

All aboard the Lambeth Labour A Team jolly to Gravesend

And so farewell #lambethcoop

Hang on – #lambethcoop back on the agenda, if not in the manifesto

Little Stevie for Clap’ham

Social entrepreneur Tree Shepherd

Tory blue envy at the free market spirit of Lambeth Labour

Save Maryon Wilson Animal Park

Greenwich £30k Mayor Making piss up

Comrade Sadiq and the tea supping / sucking Greenwich Labour Cllrs

‘Bullying’ within Greenwich Labour

Brixton Fairies

…and the return of the Brixton Fairies – hurrah!

Brixton Queer Social Centre programme of events

Redevelopment of London Bridge station

SE13ure on London Bridge timetables

Eric Pickles on the ‘Stalinist’ Town Hall Clerks