A Dirty South start to the working week with Meatraffle on #LateJunction.

I thought that the Brixton boys were the Fat Whites on first listen. It was MESSY, and kinda set the tone for the rest of the working day ahead.

Peter Vaughan was the Listed Londoner with @RobertElms. What a gent – well worth half an hour of your time on the iPlayer.

Yer man then played that Ian Hunter Bowie tribute once again.

“Something is happening, Mr Jones,
My brother said you are better than the Beatles or the Stones.”

It’s absolutely ACE.

Work was disjointed. I’m still trying to put the pieces back together.

Heather came round at luncheon on some Colne Radio business. We recorded a hit and run piece of audio to help with the promotion of a particular project over the coming weeks.

Yet more school policies then dropped – across multiple schools as well.

Is Mr Ofsted currently expected on a grand tour of South London schools?

Nervous times…

I signed off some more Warm and Toasty bookings for next month, and then started work on publishing the content from Sunday in Walton.

Audioboom is b0rked btw.

BIG time.

If ever a case study is needed as to how such a beautiful, simple app can become so bloated and full of crap, then audioboom would stand at the front of the queue.

The latest iOS10 update effectively loses content. You are stuck in a loop waiting for multiple recordings to upload. The only way to leave the loop is to sign out. You then lose the content from your phone.

Cheers, guys.

Mr Sainsbury rolled up in his van mid-afternoon. £100 has been been blown on basically cat food and BOOZE.

Live the dream, Jase.

CATS #cats

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I managed to squeeze in a mad garden clean up in the fading estuary wilds light. The rake came out for the first time of the season.

A baby fern has started to grow in a corner of the lawn. I let it be, as a green experiment.

Bloody HIPPIE, Jase.

In Kitten Worming News: Splattered.


Sister love, innit

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We’d stress all day over worming the mad cat. Daisy and Dotty [stop it] were both done in under 30 seconds. They almost thanked us for it as well.

More work shifts, and then Monday night was predictably lost in football and BOOZE.


We’ve got another cirsis simulation on the work front tomorrow.

Don’t panic!