Metroknobbers No. 10

Chuka throws a wobbler over the Bakerloo Line extension

TfL Bakerloo Line consultation

Diamond Geezer on the Bakerloo Line extension

Lambeth Greens on Chuka’s four years of Bakerloo Line inactivity

Lambeth Council suggests *snigger* ‘crowd-sourcing’ the missing £9m for the co-operative parks budget

Cllr Jane Edbrooke

Lambeth Parks Capital Parks Investment Programme [pdf]

Royal Greenwich Heritage Trust

Cllr Sally Prentice encourages Labour supporters to infiltrate Friends groups

Lambeth Council splashes around the dosh in the private sector

Lambeth Council cashes in on Comms Team

…and Lambeth Events

The proposed Lambeth / Southwark mergers



Lambeth Council placed on the FoI Naughty Step

FoI-ing the FoI’s

Lambeth Fireworks FoI #1 – Overlay Plans for Brockwell Park

Lambeth Fireworks FoI #2 – cost of 2013 Fireworks Display

Whole Nine Yard Productions – threatened Brixton Buzz with legal action unless we removed consultation doc from our server

Lambeth Council calls the bluff of Brixton Buzz. Blimey.

Lambeth Fireworks FoI #3 – Overlay Plans for Brockwell Park. Again.

Brixton Buzz pre-empts Lambeth Council to slef-publish full breakdown of figures for 2013 fireworks display [pdf]

The Pirate Party in Vauxhall

Open Data and Brass Bands

Deference and party politics leading to crappy localgov

Conservatives and Clap’ham Common mud