The morning after the by-election count.

I was feeling fresh. Dotty didn’t attempt to bite my beard overnight.

And The Other One

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I updated the Wiv Indies site – don’t worry Comrades: the disclaimers are in there…

And then a bit of Colne Radio action. April 8th is the date for the big TURN ON.

How exciting.

Sex Swim and Nighttime Worker kept me company via #LateJunction as I necked the Bran Flakes. I doubt if Colne Radio will be playing Sex Swim and Nighttime Worker after April 8th.

I cycled off along the Trail on the new MTB.


It’s bloody fast.

Down by those very Muddy Banks, innit

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I *think* the old MTB was around the same speed six seasons ago. It’s surprising how the crap that clogs up the bicycle can slow you down.

The swim livened me up for the morning work shifts. They were steady with major client #1 having settled down from the social storm earlier in the week.

Anna locked herself away with a work at home day at the Desk from the Raj/Colchester.

I took up position on the kitchen table with the kittens.

They're a right pair. They really have helped me to get over the events of last summer.

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More work…

I had a WEIRD dream the night before. Basically there was a street party to celebrate Frankie’s Relax.

And why not?

The afternoon work shifts were accompanied by a soundtrack exploration of those mixes from back in the day.

I’m proud to still have a copy of the 16 minute Sex mix up in the loft.

Which sounds rather seedy.

In Starch News: I starch ironed my shirts.

And then I smoked a woodbine.

Or something.

I played Anna The Deserter Pubcast about job interviews.

I think I found it more amusing than Anna.

Friday night was catch up time with Roots. Anna and I binged the first two episodes. It’s brutal, but even better than what I remember the original series to be.