On the 7-11 work shift for Wednesday.

Beats the 9-5.

I then I buggered off along the Trail for a swim.

Corridor of uncertainty along the Trail

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I actually swallowed a fly as I was cycling. I don’t know why, etc, but it was bloody unpleasant.

Forty lengths of a power swim followed.

Marble Lady was in the lane next to me. She positions a box of marbles at end of the pool. I have absolutely no idea why.

They might actually be mints, but they look more like marbles.


More work back at base, and then I had a half hour window to leg it to the library to film another talking head for the Colne Radio crowd funder.

But the talking head didn’t talk much as he was busy.

Which made it a bit of a wasted journey. I has to disappear ASAP for more scheduled work shifts.

It was a dull day to be honest. The only bright spot in-between all of the shifts was catching up with some of the RHS Chelsea coverage.

Plus also seeing some green action right in my own garden – the first poppies have started to appear.


I had another trip to the opticians.

I was told:

“At your time of life…”

Cheers, fella.

The rest of the evening was spent working on scheduling content for the Publisher I’m working with at the moment.

Feed the beast…