A request first thing on Wednesday for some old school video content.


The WordPress search facility pointed me in the right direction. I enjoy looking back on old school content much more than I enjoy creating it.

I picked out some video content from 2013. A four year time gap is a LONG time in the short life story of primary school kids.

I knew that I had more of the particular content requested archived away elsewhere.

Ah yes –

I used the buggers for a couple of years as the main platform for a couple of school site. And then blip kindly informed me that my content would disappear in 30 days.

Cheers, fellas.

Good job then that I downloaded it all and archived it across a couple of external drives.

I was able to pick out some content dating back to 2010.

SEVEN years is a LONG time in the short life story of primary school kids.

It was also pretty cool uncovering a video shot in 2009 showing the foundations for the SE17 school being laid.


It’s not exactly an epoch defining world event. But then I was always more about the local than the global.

@RobertElms played Lovecats later in the morning.

I left out a meowwww to Daisy and Dotty, with no sense of irony, or even self-awareness.

Remote working can send a man mad.

The stop/start work led to a day indoors. My only escape was to the Post Office to buy some stamps.

I say *some* stamps – I forked out over £20 for four books of second class. They go up in price next week. I like to count the pennies…

And then the news agenda took over.

Oh dear.

Nasty, nasty events aside – if they ever can be put aside – but I do miss the days when Londonist was actually a news site.

I tried to escape it all with the England match.

meh, etc.

I’ve got an escape back home to South London in the morning.