What’s all this then?

onionbagblog is essentially the online home of @Jason_Cobb. There is a rather boring story behind the name – so boring that I really can’t be bothered to type it into a solitary sentence.

Like most early modern interweb mistakes, the domain was foolishly bought after a particularly long soak in the bath. Now it seems I’m stuck with it.

What you’re seeing is the 2.0 WordPress version of onionbagblog. I felt restricted by the old Blogger platform, and wanted the flexibility that WP presents. It seemed pointless importing over all the old posts.


I am the Publisher [Oooh] of the Colchester Chronicle and the Wivenhoe Forum. Time and location permitting.

I also blog for Brixton Buzz (although I doubt if my backside will ever take a seat in Lambeth Town Hall again, Comrades. Phew.)

Elsewhere and my work involves using social media to manage online communities. I am also responsible for developing and producing a number of local education websites.

But that’s all for the day job.

Around these parts and you’re more likely to read about cycling, swimming and cricket. This pretty much sums up my offline life. Photography, localgov and tech would also appear in my lonely-hearts ad. I don’t think I’d get many takers.