A return to Colchester Park Run to start the weekend.

It’s a well rehearsed routine: cycle off with half an hour before the start, arrive puffing and panting, and then relax knowing that I have a minute to spare.

But there was no minute to spare this morning.

I locked up the bicycle, legged it to the start line and 3-2-1 and we were off.


I was at the very front of the race. I actually led Park Run for the first thirty seconds.

So what if 87 other runners managed to take me over the next 5km.

I was a CHAMPION with my thirty seconds of glory.

It was a little sobering to receive the race time of 23’33” later in the morning – around two minutes off my PB.

#TooManyMincePies etc.

I didn’t hang around in Sunny Colch. I cycled on to the gym for some lights weights and hardcore lengths.

The gym session was tough. I’ve been AWOL for the past fortnight.

The swim was half decent, apart from a young swimmer adjacent lane who was gaining a third of a length on every length.

Her Mum told me later that she swims for the County.


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How the chuff did it come to this? 😕

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A brief B&Q stop followed on the ride back to base.

I can now navigate around B&Q with same ease that I use to manage in records shops back in the day.

Some Dulux Brilliant White, Sir?

Sourced in under a minute.

The reason for the paint was for an afternoon of DIY.

I lie.

An afternoon of DIY for Anna.

I disappeared to tidy up the garden. Anna got to work sanding and prepping the under stairs cupboard.

Our carpenter chap is coming before Christmas to work his magic.

I made myself useful with an OCD loft session.

I emptied the entire loft, and then put it back together again.

Some more eBay GOLD was uncovered.

I found a Forest ’88 home strip that I had forgotten about. It will be finding its way to your FAVE online auction platform sometime on Sunday.

Plus some light reading.

An evening of work shifts closed Saturday.

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Not sure what is going on here tbh

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