A dull day spent working.

The work wasn’t dull; another dollar and all that.

But there’s not a great deal more to add.

I positioned my office on the kitchen table. By mid-morning I had the back door open as the mild Estuary Wilds weather added a little colour.

Some podcast catching up took place: Forest Forever (old school fanzine to fancy tech) Lineker and Baker (not as slick as you would expect) and various Novara Media content which always make me smile, if not necessarily head nod.

Anna returned from Sunny Stockwell half-laced late in the afternoon.

It’s the season of corporate Christmas jollies, innit.

I had a break in the work schedule. We wandered down to the bottom of the village for the TURNING ON of the Christmas lights.

10! 9! 8! etc.

And that was it tbh.

We stopped off at the second hand bookshop on the walk home. It was quite a treasure trove.

I walked out with a copy of Cricket Grounds From the Air (£1!), BROOOCE’S autobiog and a BONKERS find of @OneEyeGrey’s ace Stories From Another London.

We chuckled at the second hand mark up from the original £2.50 to £3.

I’ll ask yer man about this back in the lovely lido next week.

More work with the telly client closed Thursday.

I attempted to watch Question Time in bed.

It’s all a load of bollocks.

And bollocks to them all.

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