The first frost of the winter early on Tuesday morning.

We were told not to pick the sloes from around the Estuary Wilds until after the first frost.

The first frost this year has been a little… slow.

The hedges were stripped bare and plundered back in September when it was still T-shirt weather.

Mother Nature is f-ed.

I pressed on with the work shifts. Meta data is where it’s at. The modern interwerb will drown under the weight of tags.

Some school content from SE17 was sent over. WordPress was being a right arse with uploads to the image library.

Find of the day: Add From Server plugin.

Works a treat.

I had a late luncheon spent in the dentist’s chair.

Oh Lordy.

It was only a routine check up.

The gap where my tooth was yanked out last year was prodded around.

“Does that hurt, Mr Cobb?”

It didn’t but it bloody does now.

I spent the afternoon shifts SKY HIGH on Ibuprofen.

I managed a late, late garden tidy up before the frost descended once again.

And then an evening spent working in the company of the telly client.

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Back to this. MY GIRL 😸❤️

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