A balmy morning down at Lake Brockwell. The water temperature still refuses to dip below ten degrees.


Which all must come as something of a disappointment for the people who have signed up for the traditional mid-winter swim.

I felt like I had twenty lengths in me, but only managed ten.

The school assembly up the road in SE21 was calling. Plus I was distracted by the goose at the deep end that was eyeing me up each time I touched down.

It was a lively old mens’ changing room.

I confess to taking some odd items in there as part of my back and forth Stockwell / Estuary Wilds lifestyle.

My BIG BAG OF FUN has held a dozen naan bread, ski trousers and a pussy tunnel for the cats.

None of these compared with the plank of 7×1 that some fella left next to his swimming bag.

I made the short cycle journey up to the SE21 school and then started wandering around to see what I could find.

I walked straight into a Nursery Bear Hunt session.


Each stage of the story was accompanied by a sensory activity. Walking through water, touching ice and a bear cave where the villain of the story was waiting.

The kids loved it.

And so did I.

Music in Year 8 had a few too many Alleluia’s for me to keep up with.

The afternoon led to a brief lido catch up with a teacher who also makes the daily dip.

There’s a knowing smile and nod to identify a fellow Icicle. Plus the constant shivering until midday.

I came out of the school gates with 1,500+ plus words.

Good old for being my personal editor.

I tried to judge my bicycle ride back to not so Sunny Stockwell to avoid the rain.

It was all going well until I reached Poet’s Corner around Herne Hill. I took an absolute soaking for the team.

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It was a quick turnaround in SW8. I locked away the Moulton, and then legged it to the tube and up to LS.

Yep – time to head back to the bloody Estuary Wilds.


The FA Cup draw didn’t quite deliver the Arsenal away that we all long for. Forest are a rarity in being a top team [ha!] that have still yet to visit the Emirates.

Chelsea away will do though.

And then I picked up a run of work shifts through until bedtime.

I’ve got a busy old week coming up with all sorts of crap taking place.

Let’s get through this.

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