Up at 5am to watch two men beat the shit out of each other.

Bloody LOVE the boxing.

I took the wise decision of an early night, rather than a bender until the early hours.

Boxing match finished, now what?

A little online admin, and then the 8am work shift.

It was a rare day of no drizzle in S Ldn. I took the opportunity to clean the windows in the flat.

I almost came a cropper in a very sensitive area of the body with the magnetic window cleaner.

You try explaining that one to A&E, Jase.

I cycled through Brixton en route to a morning dip in the lovely lido.

The Brixton pissoir alomng Stockwell Avenue was still standing from the night before. Twe piles of fresh puke lay either side.


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Sunday morning #lidolove

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Somehow the water temperature at Lake Brockwell had risen two degrees overnight to a balmy ten.

I was still in need of two hats; the only problem was that I forgot to pack them.

Lido Adam helped me out.

Ten degrees, ten lengths, and then the sauna.

I cycled on to Larkhall Park for a lame stretch in the outdoor gym.

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Larkhall Park, innit #SW8

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Back at base and I continue to receive comments to m’blog post about Dorset Road back in the day. It is second only to the Hidden Swimming Pools of Lambeth.

Speaking of Dorset Road, that was next on my radar. More window cleaning, and a couple of hours weeding the garden.


I had hoped to go out walking around the Nu Vauxhall with my camera. But a 3pm work shift was chasing me down.

It was a rare Sunday evening with not a lot to do. All of the school work was signed off on Friday evening.

I sat back and watched The Damned United.


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#SW8 Skies

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