A busy morning down at Lake Brockwell first thing on Friday morning. The water temperature is hovering around nine degrees; the scene around the lido looked like mid-summer.

The pool was packed shortly after the 8am opening. It was difficult trying to find a lane space.

I suspect this is more to do with the later opening during the winter season. You can’t stagger your swim with an early, early start ahead of the 9am school bell.

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Here we are again #lidolove

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Fifteen minutes after opening and the pool was empty. You’ve got to be pretty foolish to swim for longer than fifteen minutes in such ‘refreshing’ conditions.

I tried to hang around for an immediate post-swim chat with some of the other Icicles. My mouth wasn’t working and so I gave up.

The short bicycle journey back through Brixton and en route to a Sunny Stockwell school day was made.

Most of the morning was spent in an ACE job interview workshop with the Year 11 students.

Appearance, first impressions, handshakes, etc.

My podcast listening of choice over the Bran Flakes was Daniel Cruz Tizon’s Cafe Chronicles.

Episode 1: The Handshake.

I had a slight chuckle thinking of Mr Cruz Tizon and the ‘hard but fair’ handshake advice given to the Year 11 students.

I managed to get around the other year groups throughout the day. Football featured heavily in Year 7 and and Year 9 PE.

It never fails to amaze me how important football is to some of these pupils.

Football has defined my life for the past thirty years, but I know when to switch off. For some of these kids it is absolutely EVERYTHING.

The school day disappeared a little faster than I would have liked. A weekend of editing and publishing content awaits.

I cycled back to the flat as the S Ldn skies drifted into gloom.

The work rota for the new week dropped rather late in the day. The mad scramble for extra hours followed.

I made a start on editing the school content. A passing conversation during the day suggested a few major changes coming up with the school website.

A few rough ideas were formulated late in the day.

Always best to sleep on these.

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Sunny #Stockwell Skies #SW8

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