Greater Anglia regrets to inform you that your train is cancelled.


And so there I was, along with the rest of the Ldn commuting crowd, waiting around for almost an hour for the next service into LS.

No worries.

I took the opportunity to catch up with some podcast listening. I’ve finally found a platform that works for me: acast.

The medium is the message, etc.

I struggled for far too long with iTunes. I think my downfall was that I didn’t want to sync to my iPhone, but my BRICK of an ancient iPod.

acast does what I need it to do: download, play and then disappear off the other end of the modern interweb.

I’m racing through my podcast back catalogue: Deserter, Reservoir Red Dogs, Baker & Lineker, That Peter Crouch (don’t judge) and my current audio addiction, A Word In Your Ear.

I don’t always appreciate the artists under discussion by the always ACE David Hepworth and Mark Ellen. They are such great storytellers though.

A pleasant enough hour was spent on a windswept train platform in the bloody Estuary Wilds listening to stories of Led Zep.

As a band I despise them; there are some cracking stories around the mythology though.

I finally arrived at LS, a little late for a school day down in SE17.

The blustery weather meant no Brompton. I crossed at Ld Bridge riding the No. 35 ROUTE OF KINGS.

Front seat as well, natch.

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Crossing on the No. 35. The Route of KINGS šŸ‘‘

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Thursday was then spent trying to cram the usual school day into a condensed five hours.

A photo shoot in the playground at luncheon became mistaken for a shoelace assistance session.

I had a lovely moment late in the day with a new member of staff.

I vaguely recognised her. Out came the knowing introduction of:

“HELLO Jason.”

Five seconds later and it clicked.

“HI new staff member X!”

X was a pupil at the school who I once worked closely with.

FOURTEEN years later and the charming X is back as a very confident and articulate member of staff.

We had a brief catch up about some of the old characters. She reassured me that I wasn’t too harsh on her and her friends back in the day.

LOVE that school.

I walked back through Kennington in darkness.

A brief LIDL run and then school work followed.

I listened to the hour long boxing preview on 5Live. I’m getting a little over excited about the early hours of Sunday morning.

I picked up a late, late work shift.

And then Anna rocked up at the flat.


It was a rare his ‘n’ hers Sunny Stockwell night spent together.

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