Forum hosting renewal time first thing on Wednesday morning.



I say each year that I won’t bother.

But yep, a clickety click and the hosting bill was settled for another year.

Only two more years to go until the tenth anniversary. That could be a decent milestone to have a rethink…

My immediate focus was then on the 8am shift.

Big Client #1 has come out of the major social campaign from this week with plenty of credit.

And rightly so. It’s been an ACE campaign with the perfect balance between personality and a call to action.

Not so inspiring was the continued chasing of the refund for the USB lead from the jokers along TCR.

Trading Standards contacted me to say that they have opened a case. They suggested contacting my bank for a refund via payment protection on my debit card.

My bank is the bank that likes to say YES.

A refund was given.

It didn’t feel like much of a victory. It shouldn’t be that my bank is bailing out the jokers along TCR.

Let’s see what Trading Standards can come up with.

A brief trip out to pick up the weekly veg bag.

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Mr @bennisonfarm delivers:

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Plus HAI WivChicks.

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WivChicks time #WeirdWiv

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Work pressed on. I had the rarity of a run of uninterrupted work shifts from 1pm to 8pm.

The DJ Kusp mix on the D&B Show was half decent.

A text message dropped about a possible water leak back at South Lambeth Road.

Oh dear.

We’ve had a tough time on the household front over the past few months.

In better news was the boiler cupboard conversion to a wardrobe.

Mr Carpenter has completed a a great job. I took a little time to perfect my OCD positioning skills with the filling up of the new space.

Back ups of back ups followed.

Time Machine is still indexing the old iMac as I type, some three hours after I first launched it.

Bloody JetPack btw.

I caught the second half of the Liverpool match.

Attention turned a little closer to home.

Football. BLOODY HELL etc.


Back to S Ldn in the morning.

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