All aboard the 5:38am back to S Ldn to start the new working week.

Yep. It was as bleak as it sounds.

My only saviour was the latest Reservoir Red Dogs episode with John ‘O Hare.

They keep on introducing the guests on each new podcast as a Forest ‘legend.’ It’s only now that we are starting to fully appreciate the Miracle Men.

They’re all still with us as well.


The rather unsocial hour of commute was booked in for many reasons – most notably as an act of me being too tight-arsed to pay a peak fare.

But it was also about Operation Transport New Flat Rug.

We had this one handmade to fit a very particular stretch of the flat.

I say ‘handmade’ – there was still change out of Β£50 note.

It fits perfectly. It is there to protect the floorboards by the door that take a bit of a hammering.

I didn’t hang around. Lake Brockwell was calling.

The way to wake yourself up following the 5:38am commute is to purify yourself in the 8 degrees water temperature of the lovely lido.

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Lido membership renewal time, innit #lidolove

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This was the toughest swim so far of the season. Eight lengths were ticked off before I legged it into the gypsy sauna.

The annual act of renewing my membership followed. This is my inspiration to drag my backside over to Brockwell each morning. I would stay in bed if I hadn’t paid up front.

I cycled back through Brixton, and then cut through to Larkhall Park. The outdoor gym has been my fave recent find.

I had a work free morning, and a few errands to carry out in the West End.

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Crossing at #Vauxhall

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It’s a bit grim, way out West, yeah?

The crappy USB C to USB adaptor sold to me from a crappy TCR shop last month doesn’t not only work – it doesn’t fit my MacBook Air as promised.

I politely explained this to the chap behind the counter.

He wasn’t having it.

I had the foresight to bring my MacBook Air in to demonstrate.

He still didn’t show any interest, apart from physically trying to force the lead into my new machine.

Mmm. I didn’t like that.

I politely asked for a refund.

He ignored me – LITERALLY ignored me and pretended I wasn’t there for the next five minutes.

Hey hoe.

I am resilient, if nothing else.

Especially when it comes to money.

A complaint to Trading Standards was filed later in the day.

Plus a Google review to accompany the existing ones explaining what utter ARSES CCTV & AV along TCR are.

I cycled back down South in something of a foul mood.

LIDL cheered me up.

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NEVER CHANGE Jase #Stockwell #SW8 #LIDL

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The lavender garden at South Lambeth Road was given a tidy up. That should hopefully be the last of the autumn leaves.

Some of the bulbs planted last month are starting to poke through.

Mother Nature is f-ed.

Work shifts ate up Monday afternoon.

Early evening my BUTT man rocked up.

We’ve had a few flow issues with the water butt. I am not the type of man you want to trust with power tools.

Work then went through until very late.

The Good The Bad and The Queen album kept me company.

I’m a little ashamed that I dismissed it after the first listen.

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