Unraveling the new work rota early on Saturday morning.


New tools have been introduced. They are starting to bed down.

Change is good, right?

I cycled down Boundary Road, past the University and en route to Sunny Colch.

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Not so #SUNNYCOLCH, innit

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This was my first return to Castle Park Run after a couple of weeks away.

A miserable head cold has held me back. Get your excuses in early, Jase.

I have also neglected my silly arthritic stretches over the past few days.

Oh – and I forgot my GPS watch as well.

Excuses, excuses, excuses.

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Good old Colchester Park Run

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Which all led to a crap race time of 23’30”.

Hey hoe.

It was all good. I came out smiling and happy to have had a little trot around a very grey park.

Even the heavy breathing male behind me didn’t spoil my enjoyment.

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Oh dear

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I didn’t hang around. A brief chat with a decent local Cllr sort, and then I made the return to the gym.

Was it really two weeks since I was last here?

Some light weights, and then I swam forty lengths with Anna. She pulled away by one stroke each length.

Oh dear.

A decent spa gossip session with the lovely neighbour from next door was a pleasant way to spend Saturday lunchtime.

Saturday afternoon was sadly all about chores.

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Weekend LOVERS, that’s what we are ❤️🥐❤️

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We had the Saturday croissant LOVE IN, and then I cycled off to the Farm Shop to buy… some more frozen croissants.

The garden was a given a decent tidy up and a rake.

I offered to lend a hand to Anna who was sanding and painting the old boiler cupboard.

Here Be a New Wardrobe come Monday.

That’s the plan, anyway.

Spuz Vs Chelsea was half decent.

Saturday evening was spent watching the Lennon documentary on C4, and then a late, late work shift.

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