Social Sim Friday.

We’ve had four full on sessions in 24 hours for our small but perfectly functional remote work team.

Friday was full on sim mode with a storyline that was delicate, yet laden with engagement opportunities.

The feedback we have been receiving is encouraging.

I know which side of the social sim room I would rather be sitting on.

For some random reason I had a shifty at f717 cameras on eBay.

Current selling price: £20.


This is the best model that I have ever worked with.

Push him a little and that nice Mike Urban would probably agree as well.

I’ve got one working cam that I currently use in schools, and one stashed away in the flat as a S Ldn back up; plus another back in the bloody Estuary Wilds that I think will work if I give it a shake.

I’m thinking of buying more. It’s better than stock piling spam.

Other work projects kept me busy throughout the day and evening.

I downloaded the latest Reservoir Red Dogs podcast.

John O’Hare you say?

#TwoStarsOnTheBadge etc.

Early evening led to a flurry of work weekend handovers.

It looks like a busy 48 hours coming up.

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