Another odd day spent mainly indoors working.

Distractions were few and far between. @RobertElms on the ice rinks of London was a half decent listen.

Streatham was touched upon.

Also the old Nottingham pad, which although obviously not in London, is still held up by many as something of a classic heritage design.

Oh the memories.

It feels that for a five year period in the early ’80s my entire life was lived there.

The work admin tools became a little ‘frustrating.’

It’s a busy old time with the holiday season approaching and schedules needing to be confirmed. I spent a lot of time today going back and forth between my Google Cal and the work tools.

A little more positive was the confirmation of two more social simulations coming up on Thursday and Friday.

I ventured out into the cruel Estuary Wilds weather to put the recycling out.

Phew. Rock ‘n’ Roll, Jase.

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