A sunrise row with WivGigs to start Sunday morning.

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Sunday sunrise, innit #WeirdWiv

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The 7am meet up by the Sailing Club was quiet magical. The sun was struggling to rise from behind the Creek.

I knew how it felt.

We had a fit crew, or rubbered up and ready for the launch.

Wot No Cox, etc?

Mr Cox made a grand entrance as the water levels rose sufficiently for us to launch.

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Sunrise row with WivGigs, innit #WeirdWiv

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This was a tight time and tide row. We didn’t have high water for long.

A pacy paddle downstream, and then back at base for the bacon butties as everyone else was stirring.

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Race training ahoy!

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This is a learning curve for all club members. There is plenty of knowledge within the club. It is being shared and we are all learning along the way.

A slight variation in the rowing technique was tried on Sunday morning. We have all been watching online some bare chested Cornish fellas doing their stuff.

Nipple conversation in a boat wasn’t how I expected to spend my Sunday morning.

I sat out for the final stretch back to the Sailing Club hard. This meant that I got to fulfil my waders fetish fantasy and dangle my leg over for the recovery.

I felt lively as I returned home.

Out went the shout of:

“To the garden!”

For five hours.


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A farewell to #autumn. Now the serious shit starts

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I have finally accepted that summer is over.

Autumn is on its dying arse as well.

There was only one thing for it:


Everything that didn’t look like it had any life in it was removed.

I’ve been doing the same routine every year. It leads to a short term panic with a naked garden.

Mother Nature has taught me that it will all miraculously return within six months.

It was decent to have the company of Daisy as I hacked away on… the giant daisies.

I was wise to wear the industrial gardening gloves, given the cat shit that was found in the flower beds.

It was quite glorious out there with the sun on my back for five hours.

I managed to tire the cats out as they put in only a half-shift and disappeared back to bed.

The garden saw even made an appearance to tackle some nasty ivy from over the other side of the garden.

DEATH to ivy.


I finished off with the first FORK of the lawn for the season.

And so it begins…

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That was a bloody effort #GardenSnob

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I missed the England Vs Croatia match in all the green fingered excitement.

Early evening was spent with some random work shifts, and then publishing the SW9 school content from Thursday.

I gave the new The Good The Bad and the Queen album a spin. The debut was one of my favourite albums of the past decade.

I can’t see Merrie Land growing upon me with the same affection.

And then another late, late telly client shift to close Sunday.

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