The honeymoon period for the new MacBook Air started on the 8am shift.

It was ultra smooth and set up exactly how I like.

Who knew work could be such fun?

The Work Scheduling Goddess gave me a major break during the day. I couldn’t be arsed to cycle off to the gym. There’s still SO MUCH tidying up to do after Operation Install New Boiler.

I headed out to the garden, working from front to back.

All the autumn hacking and clearing up have been overlooked whilst the workmen have been around.

Four hours later and I had made it halfway down the back garden.

It didn’t help that I had Daisy as a distraction. She was a right darling to be with in the garden. But each time I pulled up a half-dead plant growth, she pulled away at the other end.

A very late luncheon, and then I got cleaned up for the afternoon shifts.

I rocked the new MacBook Air speakers with some dirty drum ‘n’ bass. That sounded bloody good.

A quote dropped early evening for some carpentry work. Operation Install New Boiler means that we have some spare cupboard space to convert into a wardrobe.

I snaffled a ticket for Macbeth at the Wanamaker Theatre for next month.

And then the now usual late, late work shifts with the telly client.

Back to S Ldn in the morning, innit.

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