My 140th Park Run on Saturday morning – my 75th at Colchester Castle Park.

And whaddyaknow: I finished in 75th place.

Which was a little lame.

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#Colchester Park Run, innit

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The race time was 23’06”.

That was tough.

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Oh dear

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A little shopping followed in town. I bought the most ridiculous pink golf umbrella. I don’t play golf, but they are the cheapest option.

I cycled back along the river path towards the gym.

Woh – that was a painful session.

Not for the effort, but more for the lack of gym activity of late.

I was distracted by a female gym user who was bench pressing whilst wearing a pair of ballet shoes.


I had a lane to myself for forty lengths in the pool, followed by a mid-morning falling asleep session in the spa.

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Me and my GIRLLLLL ❤️😸❤️😸

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Back at base and Daisy was all over me. It was quite sweet after I shouted at her yesterday.

We caught the end of the Cardiff Vs Brighton match, and then headed out for some luncheon.

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TUCK IN @theolivenhoe. SUPERB

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The local Syrian restaurant did the business.

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#WeirdWiv wandering, innit

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A brief Quayside walk, and then a quick look at a half decent exhibition in the bookshop. Anna and I argued over the choice of print that we are keen to buy.

It was quite a social hub in there. We really should have bought some books.

We strolled up the road to the Sentinel Gallery.

BOOZE was offered to us within ten seconds of walking through the front door. I fear that we had gatecrashed an event.

Teetotal Jase passed up on the very kind offer.

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Tramps buffet DELUXE

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A Tramp’s Buffett was served up at the Co-op.

Palace Vs Spuz was a little dull early evening.

Daisy made a rare appearance settling on my lap.

I had a cup of hot tea and MY GIRL.


Alexa: play the White Album 50th Anniversary album but please skip the overly familiar original album tracks and head straight for the Esher sessions.

Alexa didn’t skip the overly familiar album tracks.

We NEXT-ed her until the start of the third disc.

She didn’t have the third disc.

Spotify delivered instead.

There’s a very good reason why unreleased demoes have remained unreleased for fifty odd years.

Saturday evening was spent finally, finally catching up with the Tour of GB from over the summer.

Hometown Cockermouth and Hometown Keyworth were the points of interest.

And then finally it was all about the boxing.

LOVE the boxing.

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