A funny old day stuck indoors with my head staring at a screen.

Pay to play, etc.

There’s not a lot of playing going on right now though. Money is needed as we try to manage an ever expanding house To Do list.

I had an early morning run around the University to clear my head. I would have been doing the exact same thing on the exact same route 28 years ago.


It wasn’t a spectacular time. Running up Boundary Road doesn’t get any easier with age.

The first work shift kicked in at 8am.

Apologies, but Daisy bloody annoyed me.

She was all over me – and more to the point, all over my MacBook.

She actually typed a fW4F4T43TH sentence to a work colleague in chat.

It was at this point that I raised my voice to MY GIRL for the first time ever. I had a guilty conscious about it for the rest of the day.

I hooked up Anna’s phone with the new boiler app.

It’s shit.

Don’t put apps out there if they are only half-finished.

I can live with a crappy gaming app, but not something as functional as a bloody boiler.

An email dropped from SE21 asking to put an Ofsted OUTSTANDING badge on the school website. Very, very happy to oblige.

I then spent far too long trying to sync a shared Google Cal with Anna’s new phone.

What an effort.

It’s the only way we can keep track of who will be where, and at what time. It would be easier staying put and not attempt the coming together of the calendars.

I blagged an unexpected run of work shifts from after luncheon all the way through to late in the day.

A little Forest pre-match talk on BBC Nottingham, a BONKERS TOTP on BBC4 (Bon Jovi, Frankie, um DJ Sven) and then the Sheff Utd Vs Sheff Wed match.

We’re still in a little bit of chaos tbh after Operation Install New Boiler.

Part II is still to come…

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