A foul smell and the reappearance of Mr Mouse to start Thursday.

OH HAI Dotty.

She never did get the hang of the litter tray. It’s all about burying your bundle, dear.

TOP MARKS on the Mr Mouse decapitation, mind.

I managed to get a swim in before the first work shift at 9am.

It was a crappy ride back to base.

A couple of pedestrians legged it across the road to avoid the traffic.

Phew. Job well done, etc.

They congratulated themselves on being able to dodge traffic by standing in the middle of a cycle lane as I was coming around the bend.

Oh dear.

Thursday then drifted with work / trying to clean up after Operation Install New Boiler.

There’s quite a tale to tell about OINB – and one that is best not to tell here.

I caught up with some podcasts whilst doing all the dusting, hoovering and scrubbing.

Billy Bragg on Word in Your Ear is a half decent social history of post-War Britain condensed into one hour.

That Peter Crouch Podcast continues to raise a smile.

I finally managed to finish publishing the SE21 school content from Monday.

My MacBook Air work mule was throwing a wobbler again.

I fired up the ancient 2012 iMac for the first time in a couple of months.

I forgot to disable auto updates. I’m now running the latest iOS on a very laggy machine.

Some school emails pinged back and forth. The only thing to note is that school email addresses take on a very weird naming protocol.

Thursday evening was spent working on the telly client, and then catching up with the returning Anna from S Ldn.

Operation Install New Boiler dominated the dinner table chit chat.

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