It was a little tense with Day 13 of Operation Install New Boiler.

In Better Boiler News: there won’t be a Day 14.

And relax.

Back on the coal face and I was fighting a battle with the MacBook Air to stop trying to restart to install some updates.

The poor MacBook hasn’t slept since the Great Crash of Friday morning. I don’t trust her to restart and not come back to life once again.

The new machine ships in seven days.

This could be the biggest tech bender of all time.

Operation Install… came to a close late afternoon.

I was given instructions to set up the new app on my phone.

It was a little rubbish tbh.

The rest of a very tiring, testing Wednesday was spent balancing work shifts with the great clean up.

This is the pattern for the next couple of days.

Oh dear.

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