The return of the cricketing breakfast to start Tuesday morning.

I’m not that hardcore to make the 4:30am start of play; but at 6am I did feel like going back to bed again after having seen the score.

I headed out instead for a swim.

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#WeirdWiv, innit

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The Trail is caught between autumn and winter. It’s not a pleasant time trap.

The last of the leaves are hanging on for life. The upstream Estuary Wilds are blowing in something rather unpleasant for the next four months or so.

Also rather unpleasant was the man bra being worn by West Ham Wanker in the gym.


It was one of those fitness bras that look WRONG.

Once seen, etc.

I didn’t hang around for an explanation. The 9am work shift was calling at the other end of the Trail.

It’s Day 12 of Operation Install New Boiler.

We were suppose to stop counting at Day 10.

Radio 2 on the workmen’s transistor did my nut in by 9:15am. I put on the headphones and fired up Gilles Peterson.

Hot 8 Brass Band’s Love Will Tear raised a smile – and a little jig.

Work stopped and started.

Some Buzz and Chronic blog posts followed.

I checked in on the Test score.

Ben Foakes.


It inspired me to spunk out £500 on Test tickets for next summer.

Relax: they’re not for me.

Mt Test days at The Oval dried up many summers ago.

£100 for the most expensive beer festival in S Ldn?

No thanks.

I had some friends who wanted to use up my Surrey Members’ allocation.

The Postman Delivers:



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The Postman Delivers: #ponce #tat #poncetat #tatponce

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LOVE a bit of cheap tat.

It all got a little silly with the Buzz Council Tax story from earlier. Four hours after publishing and it seemed that Lambeth had something of a U-turn.

Oh dear.

An unexpected mail dropped asking to see the rate card for @ColchChronic.

Making it up as I go along, etc.

A batch of new work shifts were released to the new work rota tool late in the day. I snaffled up as many as I could.

And then a quiet evening with my head down with Big Client #1.

These are strange days, Comrades.

Please let Operation Install New Boiler be over soon.

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