Four mugs of tea by 7am on Monday morning.

That can’t be right, Jase.

I had a day of running my arse around one of my favourite S Ldn schools. Apologies, but staffroom tea ‘aint all that. You need to load up whilst you can.

I cycled on to the lovely lido ahead of the 9am assembly. Strangely it was rather quiet for the morning rush.

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Maybe the water temperature of 9.9 degrees had something to do with this?

I put in twelve lengths – two more than I had planned.

I lingered in the water a little while after the final touch down. One of the lovely lifeguards was attempting to move the lane rope across.

It was a right bugger.

I tried to help out from within the water whilst still SKY HIGH from the swim.

Logic said that the clamp holding the rope wasn’t going to budge. My post-swim BUZZ made me think differently.

Just get out of the water you bloody fool!

I made the short ride on to SE21.

An introduction was made to a new member of staff.

“I’m Jason by the way.”

Hello Jason By The Way.

I don’t think she was joking.

A mid-morning escape to le Velo was blagged. The sixth form had a track session with the wonderful Wheels for Wellbeing.

I’m still on the hunt for a track bike to suit my needs. Herne Hill is such a special place to be.

I got my head down at luncheon and fired up the MacBook Air to start bashing out classroom notes.

Ten minutes later and still nothing.

Oh dear.

The battery – and pretty much everything else – is b0Rked.

It finally kicked into life and I sighed another f-off sigh of release.

Two weeks and counting until the new machine is shipped.

I left SE21 under fading Transpontine skies; fourteen classes and 1,700 words. I’m getting there with my effort to reduce the word count.

I had a mad cycle back down to Sunny Stockwell, dropped off the Moulton Mini and then tubed it up to LS.

Yep – time to head back *over there*

Oh dear.

I walked into CHAOS.

We are on Day Eleven [?] of Operation Install New Boiler.

Day Twelve of Jase’s OCD Breakdown continues in the morning.

Nice to see the cats though.

Oh, and Anna.

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