A mild panic at 6am in the flat on Friday morning.

The first cup of tea of the day was made, the MacBook Air was fired up for the routine reading of online nonsense.


Oh dear.

I disappeared sharpish to the kitchen for a second brew to recover from the shock.

If in doubt, DRINK TEA.

I knew that this moment was coming. The Air is a bloody old 2014 model.

I’ve been waiting for the past 18 months for Apple to get its arse in gear and update the line.

Oh the irony of a new Air being announced this week and having BUY AIR on my To Do list.

But still I needed access to the old machine. I had a full on school day ahead, plus a scheduled work shift later in the evening.

Ditto for the rest of the weekend.

Have MacBook Air, will travel etc.

Just get the bloody thing working.

It wasn’t a complete meltdown for me or the Mac; the data is backed up either in the cloud or in TimeMachine.

I fumbled around on the phone looking for how the chuff do you go about getting an urgent appointment at the Apple Genius Bar.

A live chat popped up.

Clickety click.

I’ve no idea who Grace is. I’m not even sure if her name is Grace.

She worked wonders though with a live chat facility that somehow managed to fire up the Air once again, with no loss of data.

I’m not ashamed to say that my closing comments to Grace were not entirely professional


I abandoned any idea of a lido swim.

The first port of call on the rebooted Mac was the Apple store.

MacBook Air, 512GB storage, 16GB memory, take the money and run, Mr Apple.


I’ve now got to wait 14 days for delivery. I fear Grace may be getting another call sometime soon.

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Just another Sunny #Stockwell morning

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I made it in time the SW9 school assembly at 9am.

It was a decent day.

My usual post-lido BUZZ was replaced with a blimey – I’ve dodged a bullet BUZZ.

Geography with Boy Y was ACE.

We were looking at continents.

Europe was on the horizon.

“What is Europe?”

I explained, adding in the caveat that the UK is about to leave.

“I don’t understand”

…replied Boy Y.

Join the club.


I managed to blag five minutes in goal for the sixth form hockey. A corker of an own goal sailed in past me.

The day ended with some Year 11 naan bread making. I walked in halfway through and commented on how tasty the pancakes were smelling.


Friday evening was spent crossing my fingers as I fired up the work tools.

We’ve made the switch this week to a new internal admin system. I was a little nervous about the process and my poorly Mac.

The rest of the evening was spent backing up backs ups and dumping EVERYTHING into the cloud.

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Home, innit #Stockwell #SW8

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