The appearance of the DM’s for the first time this season on Thursday morning.

My size 8’s ROCKED the 6:56am heading back to S Ldn.

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DM Day, innit

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It’s a depressing train tbh.

Anna and I have become experts on which commuting trains are to be avoided.

The 6:56 is full of miserable buggers; fast forward to the superior 7:06 and it’s a JOY RIDE in comparison.

There’s the added bonus that the 7:06 doesn’t stop at Chelmsford – always a bonus.

But it comes in at around £4 more expensive.

I ignored the miserable buggers sitting around me and got my head down to bash out a Chronic update from Full Council the night before.

Cultural Quarter, Breaking Point & Urination: Full Council

The fella sitting opposite yawned right in my face from Shenfiled to LS.

Steady the buffers.

The Chronic update wasn’t that dull. fella.

A rainy S Ldn skyline meant that this wasn’t a day for the Brompton. I rode the Route of Kings instead on the 35 down to the Walworth Road.

I cut through the Aylesbury en route to a SE17 school day.

Hang on.

Where the chuff is the Aylesbury?

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And so farewell the Aylesbury #SE17

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It’s been a couple of months since I took this route. Regeneration waits for no one, Comrades.

It was a decent school. I had the luxury of a little more time than usual. I spent slightly longer in each year group.

Ten updates in total – happy with that.

An email dropped saying that I had been paid for a couple of photos that I have sold.


It’s not going to pay the mortgage for next month, but it’s a start.

I took a walk home from SE17 back to not so Sunny Stockwell.

It was a little grim tbh.

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#Kennington skies

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The Diwali / Christmas / whatever decorations were up along South Lambeth Road.

No change in the eighteen years that we have been here.

It was good to be back in the flat; it was good to be back in a personal space away from the workmen CHAOS back in the bloody Estuary Wilds.

A brief LIDL run, and then an evening of school publishing and online admin.

Plus listening to *shhh* BBC Essex.

The rowing club featured in a recording made from the good boat Audacity.

Listen carefully and you can hear my rowing stroke.

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