Mistaken cat identities overnight.

I drifted off with Dotty next to me late on Tuesday evening; I awoke six hours later in the company of Daisy.

Cats are magic like that.

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Cat in a sink, innit🚰😸👍❤️

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And here’s The Other One

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The garden find of a dead bird with its head ripped off explains the midnight movements of Madam Dotty.

I had a mad scramble to make the first work shift of the day.

It’s not easy managing your perfectly acceptable OCD house routine when the house around you is in workman CHAOS.

Day eight (I think) of Operation Install New Boiler.

I have become institutionalised to bloody Radio 2.

It’s a funny beast, the national broadcaster. Mid-morning went from Rod the Mod to Nirvana in a not so smooth segue way.

I had a two hour work free window for the gym. I took the long route around the University, fearful of getting my winter MTB full of filth from the Trail.

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@uniessex, innit

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The pace of change on campus continues to amaze me.

Anna and I had a deep conversation (for about two minutes) whilst watching the basketball in the new University Arena on Sunday evening.

Back in the day – our day – and it was all about sociology, SU politics and third rate indie bands in the basement below.

Almost three decades later and the place is transformed: sports performance academies, BIG data with the Knowledge Gateway and coffee shops.

I would fit into the squeaky clean Essex Uni 2018 experience as a 48 year-old far better than I would have as an agitator in a different life.

The gym was decent.

I had to side step a couple of promotional girls offering nail varnish treatment as I entered.

Nail biting stuff, etc.

Forty lengths were swum in the company of a very speedy female swimmer in the adjacent lane.

More work back at base.

More boiler installation.

From what I can gather the operation has now moved upstairs to start ripping out the old boiler. I think we are good to go with the new model downstairs.

An email dropped late in the afternoon from the Information Commissioner:

We are unable to take up your complaint against Lambeth Council not replying to an FOI request because… they have claimed they didn’t receive the original request.

The rascals!

That’s the polite description.

I did a runner early evening into Sunny Colch.

On the agenda was the October Full Council meeting at CBC.

It was… dull.

Hey hoe.

Buggering off back home to Sunny Stockwell in the morning.


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