A decent day, albeit one stuck indoors.

It started with an early morning mail updating on the school status back in SE17.

I panic big time over these announcements. Website traffic goes –>> WOH. I stress over the server having a wobbler and falling over.

By the end of the day we still hadn’t reached Snow Day closure proportions, but it was impressive all the same.

Operation Install New Boiler appeared to make decent progress, without too much distraction.

I am a man of routine; I need routine.

This has been tested somewhat over the past couple of weeks.

A new routine built around the household chaos has been put in place.

I’ll miss it when it’s gone…

It was a techy day of both work and play.

A major new internal admin system was rolled out at the agency. I spent most of the morning trying to get my head around it.

Work shifts came, work shifts went.

I spent a little time putting in place a new online project that is either going to make me or break me.

I probably won’t press the publish button tbh.

Attention turned to the Apple event after luncheon.

Finally, finally: a new MacBook Air.


I need to wait a few days for the reviews to come in before making the plunge. A new work mule is much needed though.

We had an all company webinar late in the day. The theme was security.

It was decent stuff with much to ponder.

I often think that my life would be easier if I went to live in a tent in the woods.

Work shifts carried me all the way through to bedtime.

Plus half an eye on Young Nigel’s lot playing Forest.

It still seems wrong to see the Number 9 plotting the downfall of the Garibaldi.


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