That was a day.

And not in a good way, either.

Hey hoe.

It’s all about Operation Install New Boiler, innit.

We’re on Day Six.

Actually it’s Day Seven if you include the 9am Sunday morning start.

Who’s counting when it comes to this level of chaos?

Cue the OCD House Proud Man.

Daisy and Dotty are learning to take their chances whilst they can. This means early morning social activity, then they hibernate, only to reappear when the chaos has ended for the day.

Which happened to be just after 9pm today.

In Better Daisy News: She drank from the tap for the first time today. It’s only taken two years.

Yeah, yeah – that’s what cat water bowls are for, etc.

But these two are a right bloody pair.

Dotty does the tap licking thing; Daisy just takes a shower under the tap and then licks herself.

For shit and giggles, etc.

It was an interesting night for Madam Dotty.

Chuff knows what she got up to.

When she finally did return just ahead of Boiler Chaos, she was a right dirty slapper.

It looked like oil on the base of her feet and around her nose.

Dotty is a worry.

I got my head down for the 8am work shift.

Some school publishing dropped mid-morning.

And then the working day drifted in stop / start spasms.

The stops led to the tax return being completed. I was quite pleased with the ease in which it was ticked off for this year.

It doesn’t change a lot, year in year out tbh.

I have obsessive spreadsheets detailing income and expenditure.

The turnover column for the past ten years has been interesting as a compare and contrast exercise…

I almost left it too late for the swim.

The Work Scheduling Goddess gave me a two hour window at 3pm.

The Estuary Wilds GOLDEN rays said Go Out, Jase.

My body said f-that.

Never listen to your body.

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Rather chilled #WeirdWiv

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It was bitterly cold riding in along the Trail. I lifted some lame weights and then put the lengths in.

I came close to quitting after twenty when what appeared to be a tampon floated past me.

Turns out it was actually a rubber kiddies toy from the other side of the pool.


I pressed on for a further twenty.

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#WeirdWiv, innit

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It was a stunning sunset for the ride back to base.

Some #WeirdWiv hippy type thought the same. He was sitting down by the Muddy Banks, cross-legged and strumming his guitar.

wtf is wrong with this place?

Some school news from SE17 was waiting for me back in the office.


The website stats went sky high.

Team Operation Install New Boiler put in a late, late shift.

A very, late, late shift.

If you can’t beat them.

I picked up more work through until bedtime.

Add that to your OCD income spreadsheet, Comrade.

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