Another stop start day of work and fitness.

The morning shifts were worked with my Boiler Man also putting in some extra hours on Sunday morning.

It’s turning out to be a bloody big job all round: new boiler, new piping and the complete removal of the old system, tanks and all. Plus the odd new radiator thrown in.

You can see why I was so keen to continue earning on a Sunday morning.

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Anna and I both escaped to the gym at luncheon. It was empty, leading to a quick couple of circuits of the weights, and then forty lengths in our own lanes.

I had a little time in the spa. I marvelled discreetly at the fine torso and tattoos of an Essex geezer.

It got me googling back at base ‘bicycle tattoo designs.’

I’m thinking of adding to my collection.

The modern interweb then went a bit hit and miss – which was a little awkward as I had another random work shift.

I rebooted and managed to login with seconds to spare.

With light fading, we then headed out once again in the direction of the University.

Back on campus with Anna once again – blimey.

The occasion was the Essex Leopards home court basketball fixture against the Nottingham Hoods – a crap sporting name.

The new arena on campus is ACE. Students and locals are slowly responding to having Division One basketball right on their doorstep.

Essex dominated.

A home court win was never in any doubt.

It was all good fun, apart from the match caller persisting with his pronunciation of Nott-in-am.

It was getting on my tits.

I then recalled a first year linguistics lecture in the Lecture Theatre Building down the slope some 28 years ago.

Tomatoe, tomato, etc.

But it’s still not Nott-in-am, pal.

Sunday evening was spent trying to navigate the household chaos of Operation Install New Boiler.

We managed to SPLAT Daisy with her monthly Stronghold serving; the agile Dotty did a runner.

Leicester City is incredibly grim 🙁

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