The cats didn’t disturb us overnight for once.

I headed downstairs for the first cup of tea of the day and found out why.

Not one, not two, but three dead mice in various states of bodily form across the kitchen floor.

Bloody Dotty.

I had a little spare time ahead of Park Run. I made the mistake of attempting a little bodge coding for the Wivenhoe Forum.

We made the switch late on Friday evening to a new theme. The latest release of the software didn’t support the custom theme that has served us well.

I’m pleased with the design and functionality of the new theme, but it still has a few bugs to sort out.

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@uniessex innit

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I cycled along the Trail and all the way to Sunny Colch for Castle Park Run.

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Lovely, lovely people of #Colchester Park Run

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My ODD arthritic daily stretch routine has been a little lean this week. The disruption from the boiler installation has led to a breakdown in my routines all round.

I felt it around the course at Park Run.

Any excuse for an average time, Jase.

The belly full of porridge wasn’t ideal race preparation either.

I pressed on with a sprint finish to get me over the line in under 23 minutes.

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Oh dear

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Not a lot else was planned for Saturday. The boiler installation / chaos has kinda put my life on hold.

I wandered around town snapping away with my f717. I realised that I am never happier than with a camera in my hand.

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So yeah. Jase Is doing his annual tour of #Colchester

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I stopped off at The Minories for a nosey around the War and Reconciliation exhibition. It’s my usual kind of thing, but I found it fascinating all the same.

It got a little chilled still wearing my Park Run shorts. I cycled on to the gym for an afternoon of arseing around.

The weights felt good.

I then found myself sitting in the spa alongside Anna and the lovely, lovely neighbour.

It was a bit of an Essex moment.

The swim was decent. I cramped after fifty lengths and so cut my losses.

Some steam and sauna time then helped me to procrastinate the afternoon away.

Back at base and The Postman Delivers:

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The Postman Delivers: GLOVES #gloves🖐🚴‍♂️

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They’re not the ideal colour scheme to wear together. I need new cycling gloves, and a green sweatshirt is there to remind me of the great man.

#TwoStarsOnTheBadge, etc.

I slipped out of the gym gear as the Long Johns made the first appearance of the season.

We watched a little of the t20, until I retired to the office to catch Forest away at Elland Road.


A little photo editing, and some publishing.

Sunny Colch Snaps

WordPress was being an arse.

I had to seek out a php fix as the images wouldn’t bulk upload to the Chronic media editor.

A random game of online chess with a random opponent entertained Anna as she peered over my shoulder.

The tactic as ever was to bore the pants off my opponent.

With two minutes remaining I landed a check mate by mistake.

How the chuff did that happen?

I had a big old work shift with Big Client #1 for most of Saturday evening.

And then a bedtime discussion with Anna about clocks being changed and the affect it will have on Dotty’s nocturnal hunting.



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