A return to Lake Brockwell for Friday morning.

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Friday morning #lidolove

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The water temperature is still holding out for the summer. It’s a balmy sixteen degrees – warmer in than out.

Brockwell was buzzing.

The scene at the 7:45am was more like a midsummer swim. Finding a lane space wasn’t easy. This is a good thing.

It would have sounded BONKERS back in the day if you told us that we were still swimming as we approached Halloween.

Mid-September was always the optimistic call for the final swim of the season.

Yet here we are, swimming day in, day out.

And still GRINNING at the end of each session.

GOLDEN DAYS, Comrades.

Having said that, the basin of the pool is still a little eww.

My focus instead was on the golden autumn colours from the trees enclosing the lido. The backdrop of a brilliant Brockwell blue sky made the morning rather beautiful.

The showers were cold, natch.

No worries. I have come to actually like it this way.

I cycled on through Brixton and Camberwell for a school day in SE17.

This was a truncated school session with website work for the morning, and then an afternoon training session.

I recorded more audio than I usually would. I’m determined to make the anchor app work for me, rather than the other way around.

The anchor app currently holds the power in the division of labour, Comrades.

The training was superb. It was on a theme very close to my own work responsibilities. I left with much to ponder about future ways of working.

The half term end of school bell rang. You could sense the holiday excitement in students and staff.

I cycled on to LS and back to *over there*

Oh dear, etc.

With an AWOL Anna, the cats came-a-calling for me.

There was a Pepsi Max promo stall outside LS. I tried to walk on by, but was thrust with a can in my palm.

I stopped drinking all fizzy can bollocks about fifteen years ago.

The Pepsi Max can claimed it had no sugar. I took one sip on the train and then poured it down the toilet.

I arrived back in the Estuary Wilds to catch the sun setting over the water.

The garden was covered with a fresh layer of autumn leaves.

Why do I bother sweeping them up every couple of days?

And then there were the cats.

Or rather the mice.

Oh dear.

While Jase is away, the cats will play etc.

The current body count is two dead mice. I expect this to rise as I go about my chores around the house.

Confirmation came that I have been picked for my first WivGigs winter rowing race next month. It reminded me of the time I was first selected for the school football team.

I hope I don’t get sent off this time.

TOTP on BBC4 was as BONKERS as ever.

Simon Bates introducing The Real Roxanne?


The remainder of Friday evening was spent with a random work shift for the telly client, editing school content and half an eye on Sheffield Wednesday Vs Middlesbrough.

Football. Bloody hell, etc.

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