The 8am shift and an unlistenable #LateJunction.

One of these had to give way.

I don’t get paid for listening to an unlistenable #LateJunction, and so silence it was.

I found myself writing about the hashtag #plasticpledge. I’m probably alone in this.

CBC Urges Businesses to Sign up to #plasticpledge

And then a piss poor attempt by the other lot to engage in meaningful consultation by… harvesting your email address.

Lambeth Council asks residents for their views ahead of February Budget cost cutting

Cheers, fellas.

I pressed on towards the pool.

Riding a bicycle in steady drizzle is no fun.

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#WeirdWiv, innit

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It didn’t get much better at the other end of the Trail. On my To Do list was to renew the gym membership for the still AWOL Anna.

There was a little misunderstanding.

It was all rather unpleasant and unnecessary.

I wasn’t in the best of moods for a swim.

MORE unlistenable music being blasted out poolside didn’t raise the spirits.

I couldn’t even find a space to swim in with Butterfly Boy taking up half the pool.

Wednesday was a little woeful.

I had more work back at base.

Daisy was all over me.

It was very sweet, but a sweaty bloke who has pegged it back to base and needs to bury himself in his keyboard can do without a needy cat.

I started the process for a DBS check in one of the London schools. It’s a classic example of the ‘enabling’ modern interweb over-complicating the process.

An email was then fired up:

Dear Information Commissioner.

Dealing with the Co-operative Council can be bloody hard work.

I’ve got an outstanding FOI from two months ago that hasn’t even received an acknowledgement. This makes me more determined to chase the buggers.

I caught the ODI highlights ahead of two hours of work with the telly client.

And then a little mad running around preparing for a return to S Ldn in the morning.

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