As pledged, Friday started with:

Alexa – play London 0, Hull 4 by The Housemartins.

“I’m sorry, I can’t find London 0… in your music library.”

Oh dear, Alexa.

Look a little harder. It’s defo there.


I see.

Alexa: play London ZERO, Hull 4…

Something got a little lost in the cultural context.

It still sounded half decent.

But 32 years ago?


I pressed on with the 8am shift.

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On top of the world. Well, #WeirdWiv anyway

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It was a blustery morning out along the Trail for the morning swim. I had a head wind on the ride in, and then whaddyaknow: it reversed on me and blew back in my face for the return leg.

The swim was pretty decent, if a little perfume ponced.

What is it with folk who enter the pool reeking of false body odour?

I had a little more work over luncheon.

I daren’t upset Alexa by with a mispronunciation of The Auteurs; I asked for the album New Wave instead.

A brief Buzz piece was written for the morning. I had hoped to clear my news list. But a load of school policies started to drop.

It was a right arse for one site in particular. WordPress was playing silly buggers with the media library.

The only solution was for a backdoor approach using the cPanel.

News broke late in the afternoon about a certain Ofsted report.


Much deserved.

The afternoon shifts got a little fiddly. I got myself in the concentration zone with some drum ‘n’ bass.

The work rotas for the next two weeks landed. It’s always a stressful period as you try and plot your future movements.

My phone pinged with a notification that I have sold another lido photo via stock.imo.

It’s nothing to retire upon.

I had a break early evening. I finished off reading the Forest Miracles book.

I have bloody LOVED this.

We all know the plot. Reading it with a fresh and close to the source narrative has been a page turner.

I had half an eye on the Croatia Vs England match, and then a late evening of work with the telly client.

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And still they come #homegrown 🍅😸

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