Another rather odd start to the day by asking Alexa to play some Soft Cell.

Soul Inside sounded superb as I slurped away the first cup of tea of the day.

My listening habits seem to be slipping into availability, rather than a deeper desire to hear something.

Alexa is behind most of this.

But also the hit and miss of 5Live, which at times can be very useful, but also wallpaper noise.

I’m finding that I’m dipping in and out of podcasts on my iPhone as the soundtrack to carrying out all sorts of domestic chores.

Alexa: play some more Soft Cell.

Daisy was also indulging herself first thing.

The food restriction thing is an ongoing situation.

Strict measurements are required each day to keep her in shape. It gets a little tricky early evening when her supply has run dry.

My first task of the day was to catch up with the Lambeth Full Council fall out from the night before.

That nice Jonathan Bartley has managed to get hold of a document that Lambeth Council has been fighting to keep out of the hands of Brixton Buzz.

We are still keen to see the full de-briefing minutes for the 2017 Lambeth Country Show.

The snapshot from Jonathan Bartley was most revealing.

Met Police claim ‘Young people do not contribute to Lambeth Country Show’ in secretive minutes of 2017 de-briefing meeting

Three hours of work shifts followed with some Gilles Peterson.

He dropped Over Eggin It.


I slipped outside mid-morning to try and capture the Estuary Wilds sun radiating the autumn freak show along the side of the house.

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#autumn, innit

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I may have left the Golden Brown photo shoot a little too late this year.

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#autumn, innit

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The Postman Delivers: A new boiler.

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The Postman Delivers: a new boiler. Blimey

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Now we just need to fit it.

I took my tired body out along the Trail for a bicycle ride out to the pool.

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#WeirdWiv, innit

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My MTB tyres find it a little tricky along some of the rough track. Gawd knows what the four students wheeling their suitcases from the Hythe towards the University crossing made of it.

The swim was the best so far of the week. Nothing spectacular, but no rib kicking from over enthusiastic fellow swimmers either.

Afternoon work was steady.

An email dropped about the South Lambeth Road drains.

Oh dear.

It’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it etc.

A couple of items from the Great eBay Sale Part II were posted. Two very lucky people are going to wake up tomorrow morning with a pair of 1994 Forest shorts and a Slough Jets game worn ice hockey jersey greeting them.

A break in work shifts allowed me to have a brief row along our BEAUTIFUL estuary with WivGigs.

The very charming Jodie from BBC Essex is recoding a feature about the town. She was keen to take a trip out along the estuary.

It was a little blustery. I wasn’t prepared for the instructions form the Cox to hit race mode.

We were all asked to choose a song to be played out as part of the piece.

I don’t think Sleaford f-ing Mods would quite suit the occasion.

Instead I went with My Ever Changing Moods, which kinda captures the gig rowing experience.

I was back at base in time for a clean up and some more work shifts.

I caught up with the CBC Cabinet for The Chronic.

Cultural Quarter Dominates CBC October Cabinet

TOTP on BBC4 was interesting.

Bucks Fizz and The Housemartins back to back.


I made a mental note to ask Alexa to play London 0, Hull 4 first thing on Friday morning.

A little more work, and then Wales Vs Spain to end Thursday.

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The Amazing Madam Dotty

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