A busy old Wednesday.

We published the Buzz piece on the Brixton market consultation.

It was a right bloody pain tbh.

Lambeth Council considering Sunday opening for Brixton market with ‘small increase’ in trader pitch fees

The Lambeth consultation for the Little People is an online survey with little detail of the reasons behind the questions.

You have to dig away to find the WHOPPING 59 page pdf report to look at the detail.

And yep – that’s what we do at Brixton Buzz 😉

‘cos no other f-er is doing that.

So there.

The morning work shifts were a little manic. I was scheduled to switch between various projects with different policy.

I listened to the first ten overs of the ODI.

I can’t believe that the winter touring season is already upon us – especially so with the GLORIOUS Estuary Wilds weather out there.

The bicycle ride to the gym was pretty spectacular as well.

I LOVE this time of year: rich sunshine without the silly heatwave heat that we had a couple of months ago.

It was a case of another day, another boat down along the Muddy Banks.

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#WeirdWiv, innit⛵️🌞⛵️🌞

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I’m never sure if this magnificent modes of transport are coasting along on sail power alone, or if there some an engine chugging away underneath.

Either way, it was a wonderful sight. I stopped for a minute or so to savour the moment.

And then… the swim was shit.

I had thirty power lengths in a lane to myself.

A female swimmer then asked if she could join me, and if we could go up and down, rather than round and round at the end of each lane.

Of course Madam. The pool is here to be shared.

She then ignored her own advice, ploughed right down the middle with a full on breastroke and bloody kicked me in the ribs.

This is the second time that this has happened to me in under a week.

I retired hurt, slightly bruised.

Cheers, Madam.

I was back at base for a little more work.

I also bought a few extra weights for the dumbbell.

Bench presses ahoy!

I’ve had the same set for, gosh, twenty three years now.

I want to beef up. I need some extra pounds to press.

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In October? OH I SAY #nffc #TwoStarsOnTheBadge

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The work uniform of trackies was displaced by shorts.

#TwoStarsOnTheBadge, etc.

Work, work and a little more work.

I then downed tools and headed off to a still SUNNY COLCH for the October CBC Cabinet meeting.

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Andy Hamilton was on SEX WATCH outside the Town Hall.

It was an interesting meeting. The level of openness and transparency here compared to *cough* some other boroughs is refreshing.

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Happy lot at CBC Cabinet, aren’t they? #Colchester

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Have Your Say allows any resident to quiz the Cabinet on any subject at the start of each meeting.

These have now become the main thrust of the meetings. Have Your Say ran for over an hour this evening ahead of the actual agenda itself.

I was a little short on time. I had other works shifts at the other end of the train line.

I listened back at base to the Lambeth Full Council meeting.

The feed is bollocks. Each time I attempt to listen it cuts out on me after fifteen minutes or so.

I’m convinced that my IP address is being filtered.

A relatively quiet work shift saw off the rest of Wednesday.

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Cat up a Wisteria, etc 😸😸😸😸

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