The surrender call came at 5:45am on Tuesday.

Dotty had been prodding around on the quilt for what seemed like an hour. It was probably only a quarter of an hour or so.

I’d rather have the early, early toilet alarm call from Dotty than let her do her roaming with an open cat flap overnight.

And so what to do with the extra hour or so?

Alexa: Play The Art of Falling Apart by Soft Cell.


But please play it rather quietly.

I still love Marc Almond’s histrionics.

The Art of Falling Apart was a very odd birthday present that I requested back in 1983. The other kids may have been going down the Rio route, but Marc was always the boy for me.

I never really clocked or was that bothered about his sexuality tbh.

Some tappety tap took place on the keyboard.

Another Royal visit for the loss making Pop Brixton as King and Queen of the Netherlands set to visit shipping containers

I got a tip off late last night about the BONKERS Pop bloody Brixton story. I bashed it out for Buzz before the Bran Flakes were served.

Work started at 8am.

A temporary mid-morning break gave me enough time for a ride along the Trail and forty lengths at the other end.

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Tide and time ⛵️🌞⛵️🌞

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It was the first appearance of the season of my rather flash new cycling jacket.

My rather flash new cycling jacket is the best £6 that I have ever spent in a charity shop.


Work became a little tricky for the run of afternoon shifts. I’m struggling on policy and process with one particular project. Plenty of reading time took place.

The Great eBay Sale Part II was wrapped up late afternoon.

Or rather the SWAG for the Great eBay Sale Part II was wrapped up and put in the post.

I’ve been apologising each time I roll up at the Post Office with a dozen or so items to post.

There was an empty Post Office when I arrived half an hour before closing time. Five minutes later and the backlog queue was almost into double figures.


The weekly veg back was picked up.

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Mr @bennisonfarm delivers:

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I’ve no idea what the motivation was but I loaded up chess.com.

Oh dear.

My chess playing days were snuffed out at Primary school when the Chess Master clocked on that I was only in it for the shit ‘n’ giggles.

I have no strategy, I have no chess mind.

I get bored after a couple of minutes and start moving random pieces around the board to create pretty patterns.

But chess.com is half decent.

You are paired up with a random opponent down the other end of the modern interweb.

There’s probably a clever algorithm that allows like for like players to compete against one another.

Good luck in finding another free mind pattern maker, Mr chess.com.

I lost my first game.

You don’t say.

It didn’t help that I couldn’t distinguish between the King and the Queen on screen.

I lost my second game after being timed out. You have ten minutes to make your moves and go for the kill.

The third game was more like it. My strategy involved boring the pants off my opponent.

It did the job.

Eight minutes in and he offered a draw. I refused to budge.

The game was going bloody nowhere and we were both timed out.

WIN WIN etc.

I quit whilst I was ahead.


Another Buzz piece was polished off for publishing in the morning.

And then work all the way through until bedtime.

PWNED u, etc.

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Oh I’ve missed this one 😸❤️👍

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