Monday SMOCK-day, etc.

The best way to start the new working week is always with a smock.

I’m here all week, etc…

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And so all aboard the 7:06 Smock Express back to S Ldn.

And thank the chuffers for that.

The cats were clingy. It was a little tearful having to leave them.

I’m no Dr Doolittle, but the appearance of the Brompton is the signal for them to know that I am about to bugger off back to Sunny Stockwell.


It was a decent commute in.

Sunrise over the estuary was particularly pleasant.

Red sky in the morning, etc.

We reached Chelmsford. The fella opposite took his flat white and disappeared to the Greater Anglian toilets for fifteen minutes.

I thought of Daniel Cruz Tizon’s probable response.

It was also no laughing matter having my head buried in the 59 page pdf Future of Brixton Market report.

Brixton Buzz: reading all this Council crap from cover to cover – ‘cos no other f-er will.

Forty five minutes later and I was cycling through Brixton Station Road en route to a school day in SE21.

I went straight into the weekly singing and assigning assembly.

Once again I struggled with the Anchor app.

wtf have they done with it?

I don’t want library items, segments and episodes.

I just want to press record and then upload.

An alternative solution is needed.

The morning was spent dipping in and out of various primary and secondary classes and stuffing my notepad with endless scribble.

I sat down to type it all up over luncheon.

I couldn’t write, I couldn’t type.

Which was a bit of a problem.

Hey hoe.

I clocked up fourteen classes in total at the end of the day.

Close, but no cigar – the SE21 school continues to grow.

My phone pinged and I had the message to return back to the bloody Estuary Wilds.

Oh dear.

I could have done with staying S Ldn for rest of the week.

The cats were calling, and I couldn’t resist.

Back *over there* and I sat down for an online catch up.

I accepted an offer on a Raleigh top that didn’t sell as part of the Great eBay Sale of Sunday evening.

I feel like I am cashing in on my heritage.

I tried to make a start on editing the 300+ SE21 photos.

Oh my tired eyes.

A random late, late work shift saw off Monday.

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