A top and tail Sunday of work shifts.

The 8am start was slow. I was more interested in the UCF fall out from the night before tbh.

I gave the Prince Piano and a Microphone album a second sitting as the work plodded along.

My original analysis of best kept in the Paisley Park vault remains.

Two school websites needed to be published ahead of another S Ldn school hit and run day trip on Monday.

SE17 was ticked off in the morning.

I keep on banging on about the bloody workflow and how I need to streamline.

But I’m not making much progress.

What to cut out?

All year groups need to have some content. I’ve scaled back the words, but added with the images. I’ve been told on many occasions that this is what is required.

Video and audio rarely get a look in these days.

But it still takes an absolute age (OK, five to six hours) of editing and publishing for each school once I am out of there.

Essentially it is writing and subbing eight blog posts for each school, along with image editing.

Except for the Monday morning school which is closer to sixteen.


Hey hoe.

Alexa: shuffle songs by Hak Baker

I rather like this fella after first catching him on Later.

I headed to the garden at luncheon to make the most of the Estuary Wilds Indian Summer.

Numerous snails were sadly crushed along the side passage when I returned home in the dark from the basketball on Saturday.

This always upsets me.

Slugs are shit, but snails are pretty special.

I’m always heartbroken when my size 8’s come crushing down on their home 🙁

Half a dozen were scooped up in the daylight of Sunday.

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Autumn’s rich bounty #autumn🍁

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I was under instructions from Anna to harvest the tomatoes that are still going strong.

The garden is getting to the stage where a complete CHOP CHOP CHOP session will soon be required.

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Estuary Wilds Indian Summer, innit 🌞👍

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I’ll wait until the autumn flowers have had their last days in the sun.

I cycled on to the gym later than planned.

The rain on Saturday meant that I took no chances along the Trail. I went the Boundary Road route instead, cycling past the University.

Campus was absolutely buzzing with freshers.

A bloody tough treadmill session greeted me at the gym.

It’s the exact same time, speed and % incline that I use to run at Brixton Rec back in the day.

That day happened to be 23 years ago. I’m impressed that I can still keep up.

PANTY PANT though.

I made it back to base to catch the Liverpool Vs Man City match.

eBay Super Sunday started early evening. I had a major batch of personal social history up for grabs, mainly Forest shirts and band T-shirts.

It wasn’t the Cash from Chaos that I expected, but the New Boiler Fund was at least topped off.

The second school site was finally published later in the evening.

And then Sunday ended with the tail to the top of the random work shift.

Bloody early start back to Transpontonia in the morning.

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Oh dear

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They’re a right bloody pair 😸😸

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