The return of Madam Dotty at 3am on Saturday.

Cheers, Madam Dotty.

I didn’t sleep before – or after to be honest.

She is a worry.

I pressed on with some school publishing and some admin work for various other projects.

The work browser can be a lonely place at 5am.

I should have been on time for Colchester Park Run. But even with a 3am rise and shine I was pushing it for the 9am start.

I keep on forgetting that it runs on Colchester Time.

A 9am start means a 9am start.

Back in the beauty of Brockwell and 9am means more like 9:15am.

This was a Park Run by Mistake.

I shouldn’t have been here, but back in Brockwell.

Time and tide (circumstances…) have washed me back up in the bloody Estuary Wilds for the weekend.

It was a timid run. The narrow footpaths of Castle Park were laden with leaves.

The turnaround stage led to an enthusiastic high five from a local Cllr was very kindly volunteering his time as a marshall.

There is no other place where you would feel the need to high five a local Cllr.

Park Run really is quite special.

My official race time was a plodding 23 minutes.

I blame the lack of sleep with the disruptive Madam Dotty.

I cycled on to the gym for some weights and a swim.

Membership was renewed for another year.

They’ve got a monopoly on me tbh.

Swim to live, live to swim etc.

But this is the only pool close to me in the Estuary Wilds.

Some light weights, and then fifty lengths in the company of The Undertaker.

I took a while to get going, only finding my rhythm for the final ten.

It didn’t help when I was joined with a wide reaching breaststroking female who kicked me hard in the ribs during her first length.

Time was on my side.

I arsed around in the steam room, spa and sauna.

It was bliss.

The second half of the DIRTY Leeds match was watched back at base.

I then took a soaking as I cycled to the top of the town for a Wivenhoe Town home match.

The Dragons were hosting Fire Utd, who apparently are a church team.

Oh Lordy, etc.

It was BEASTLY Biblical weather.

One hardcore Wivenhoe fan behind the goal was braving it in a pair of shorts.

The football was surprisingly skilful.

The God Squad lot treated the match like a five-a-side with some neat, tricky passing.

Wivenhoe matched, showing their superior skill with a very tight passing game.

Skills have not been on show at Broad Lane for the past couple of seasons.

The game changed with Wivenhoe 2-0 up.

One of God’s footballers thought that he had the divine right to punch a Wivenhoe player.

The ref seemed to agree and responded with a red card for the Wivenhoe player who had turned into a punch bag.

Football. Bloody hell, etc.

Wivenhoe held on with a 2-0 win.

I made the short bicycle journey up to the new Sports Arena at the University.

The Essex Leopards EBL basketball team have relocated to Wivenhoe Park.

You can see why – the new Arena is an amazing facility.

It took some time for home court to take advantage. The Leopards pulled back a 20 point ball game at one point to push Barking close to defeat.

Close but no cigar, etc.

I’ll be back.

Darts and boxing kept me entertained back at base.

Darts and boxing make me want to hit the BOOZE again.

A silly seven weeks sober will be clocked up on Monday.

I had to stay sober with a random work shift drawing Saturday to a close.

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