Thursday was all about buggering off back to S Ldn and running my arse off around SE17.

Plus also leaving Daisy and Dotty on their own for what might be 48 hours.


The early morning start led to the discovery of a near miss overnight in the litter tray.

Dotty never got to grips with the etiquette of doing her business in a plastic tray and then politely burying it.

In fact she never got to grips with shitting inside the tray.

A little leakage was on the utility room floor next to the tray as I ponced around barefoot at 6am.


I set up the cat feed timers and wished them both a tearful farewell.

It’s best to forget about them. Out of sight, out of mind, out of smell etc.

There was also a near miss on the train for the commute back to S Ldn.

Greater Anglia thought it would be fun to cram the passengers from eight carriages into four.

My Key Stage One maths from later in the morning would have confirmed that this is a bad idea.

The train cut a path through the North Essex fog, only clearing as the outskirts of suburbia were reached.

I had a quick read through of the Full Council agenda for next week and bashed out another book-ish gyms piece for Buzz.

I crossed the Old River at Ldn Bridge, overtaken on the Brompton by a beautiful cargo bicycle. It the size of a small Mini.

Chapeau, Sir!

This was the first Smock morning of the season.

Oh dear.

Much to the derision of those around me, I became fully SMOCKED UP over the summer months.

I meant to have a trial run around the Estuary Wilds, to see if I can carry off the smock look.


I went straight in to the most unforgiving of fashion faux pass environments by entering a primary school fully SMOCKED UP.

No one commented on it all day.

Not even Boy Y.

It was also the first morning of the season wearing the cheap as chips new specs that I sourced over the summer.

A freebie eye test, and then £16 all in for the frame and lenses with an online outfit.

I’m rather impressed with the results.

I managed to get round all eight years groups. Various pieces of audio were recorded along the way.

I played my FAVE name game with some of the pupils.

I am hopeless at remembering the names of pupils across three S Ldn schools. Whenever I get to work in a small group I ask them to tell me the first letter of their name, and then project the thoughts into my mind.

“J. Mmmm. J. Let me see. Yes! You are Jimmy aren’t you!”

LOLS every time.

I’m still using Anchor to record audio.

It has become a bit of an arse.

New functionality has meant that layers of crap that you don’t need have to be navigated before you can reach the end of the workflow.

Why is the modern interweb always intent on trying to strangle any creativity?

I cycled back to Sunny Stockwell late in the afternoon.

There was enough light for a brief Lidl run, and then a tidy up of the South Lambeth Road garden.

The neighbours’ bin has finally been emptied after being left out for over a month.

Cheers, rather decent new Cllr.

And then it was heads down for a full on evening of work shifts with the telly client.

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