An inspiring start to Wednesday morning: Paul Sinton-Hewitt, the founder of Park Run was on 5Live ahead of the 7am news.

Five million runners have now registered to take part in the weekly race that isn’t a race.

The interview with Paul is essential listening for anyone who doesn’t understand how a weekly timed run has changed the lives of so many people.

I then went back to bed.

Only joking.

Anna was texting back and forth from The Lakes in a slight panic.

An overnight upgrade to iOS12 has b0Rked her bloody iPhone.

Hurrah for back ups of back ups, etc.

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Pancake tide #WeirdWiv

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I headed out along the Trail for the morning swim. It was the first ride this season on the Winter MTB.

I had a few issues with the gear shifters. They function with the inverse operation of the summer ride.

The 29″ wheels (WOH) were pumped up to 80 PSI max.

This can’t be right?

It’s what the tyre said around the rim. The ride in was a little freaky.

I paused to wish a pleasant GOOD MORNING to Mr Cormorant placed high on his Hythe perch.

And then the swim.

It was shit.

Slowies had taken over the fast lane.

They were swimming / walking very slowly.

Time was tight for me with work shifts at 9am. I couldn’t hang around waiting for the slowies to speed up.

I pressed on with a most unsatisfactory forty lengths in the general swim area.

The water was cloudy, making visibility in an already overcrowded space pretty hopeless.

Some swims are better than other.

The return ride back to base cheered me up.

The Trail was transformed from only an hour earlier, illuminated in an Estuary Wilds ray as the sun cut through the Muddy Banks.

I then remembered that it was Anna’s birthday.


Have a good one, luv.

Some #LateJunction listening, @RobertElms on Hair the Musical, and then the bloody Tory party conference.

Just for shit ‘n’ giggles, like.

Worked pressed on.

I had a few online admin tasks to complete.

Plugins on various S Ldn school sites have been troubling me for some time. I have deliberately ignored any updates after one plugin corrupted the whole site.

But this is poor practise.

I painfully went through plugin by plugin, site by site, updating and testing the functionality.

If felt far better once this had been achieved.

Next up was to address my chronic Dropbox storage space.

I read the small print and blimey – my BT home connection entitles me to 1,000 GB of cloud storage.

You sure about that?

I activated the account and started to upload.

It was a right arse.

The storage may be there, but a smooth experience it most certainly isn’t.

I ended up by dropping a couple of gigs back over to google drive.

The gym called up mid-afternoon.

Time to renew for another year.

EVERYTHING seems to drop early October: utilities, insurance, the TV contract.

Was it really eight years ago since we made the move out East and started up all these new contracts?

I managed to haggle with the Gym Boy over the phone and get a reduction on last years price.

Rowing dates for November were ticked off in the online club poll; some South Lambeth Road business was taken care of.

More work…

I dismantled the summer garden table whilst there was still some sunlight available. It is one of the saddest tasks in the calendar.

See ya, summer garden table.

The Postman Delivers:

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The Postman Delivers: Bulbs #bulbs🌷🌹

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Guess who has a weekend of bulb planting planned back in S Ldn?

Work carried on all the way through until the end of the day.

A little planning for my return to S Ldn in the morning drew Wednesday to a close.

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Madam Dotty, innit

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