Dotty was on the hunt early Tuesday morning.

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The amazing Madam Dotty

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Something is there – Dotty doesn’t fake it when she is on the scent.

She poked her nose around various corners in the house, keen to flush out the remains of whatever it was she brought in during the early hours.

Past form has led me to let her get on with it. I would rather the obsessive sniffing than being trampled on the chest at 5am.

I pressed on with the early morning work shifts.

Mid-morning saw the escape to the pool.

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Muddy Banks, innit

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The bicycle ride in along the Trail was wonderful.

A pair of swans raced me down the river, both taking off and following the water upstream.

I was beaten after five seconds.

I slowed down my pace and took in the moment as the pair disappeared in the distance.

Not quite so elegant was my splashing about in the water effort.

I had a lane to myself.

It was needed.

For some reason my strokes weren’t hitting the right length. I don’t count every stroke, but you know when you should be touching down.

I was falling short for most of the forty lengths that I persisted with.

A particularly strong headwind blew me all the way back to base for an afternoon of work shifts.

If we are in October then it must mean that it is time to put away the summer MTB once again.

I gave it a brief clean and oiled the chain.

Likewise for the winter MTB that was then promoted to the front of the queue.

The Great eBay Sale Part II saw the first positive outcome.

My pair of original Stone Roses T-Shirts from 1988 went for considerably more than I anticipated.

I threw in a promo copy of the almost forgotten John Squires solo album as a thank you to the buyer.

It was an emoji heavy afternoon with Big Client #1.

I have resisted resorting to emojis – until I took up this work.

The remit from the client is to be creative. I impressed myself with some of the stories that you can tell.

In New Boiler News:

Payment was made for the parts ahead of the major installation later in the month.



It should be fitted ahead of the first cold snap of the winter.

And with perfect timing I have developed my first head cold of the season, just as I am about to head back into S Ldn schools.

I had a short break later in afternoon.

I wandered out down towards the Quay, and then to the pick up point for the veg bag.

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#WeirdWiv, innit

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A large lorry was stuck down towards the bottom of the village, having taken a considerable chunk off the wall of a local business.


Early evening work passed by with the ‘new’ Prince album.

I’m not being rude, but I reckon there is a half decent reason as to why Piano and a Microphone has remained unreleased since 1983.

Work went all the way through until bedtime.

It was more exciting than the Man Utd match that was on in the background.

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