Anna departed early Monday morning heading back up the Lakes.

I was left on cat duty for Gawd knows how long.

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Lovely Dotty

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Which all means I can expect the 5am prodding of the chest from Dotty, keen to have the cat flap opened up once again.

We all wake up with the need for a little light relief in the early hours.

Dotty has never got on well with the litter tray.

Oh dear.

The start of the working day was spent on school publishing duty.

The statutory requirements for schools is ever growing. It’s almost an email a week for further policies to be added to various school websites.

The sad news reached me mid-morning about the death of Jimmy Rogers.

I didn’t know Jimmy personally. He was always an incredible presence though during my days at Brixton Rec.

The Topcats had a Wednesday night training session at the same time as my old five-a-side kick-about on the adjacent court.

The booming voice and respect for Jimmy was there to be seen. When he spoke, everyone listened.

I published a brief Buzz update.

It deserves so much more.

Brixton Topcats basketball legend Jimmy Rogers dies at the age of 75

Work shifts kicked in.

A large part of the morning was spent with some background reading on a social campaign that Big Client #1 is rolling out on Tuesday.

emojis ahoy!

I worked in silence for most of the day. I’m not sure why, but the need for a soundtrack wasn’t there.

Alexa: play the new Paul Weller album.

That’s more like it.

I’ve probably played True Meaning half a dozen times now. I’ve reached the stage where I’m familiar with each track and the running order.

It’s a comfortable place to be in as you anticipate what is to come.

The orchestration and sparse vocals make it an ideal autumnal album.

The Transpontine video for Moving On is VERY VERY close to home.

A little more work, a little more reading of the Forest Miracles book.

I took time to think about those heady European nights back in the Fair City.

Yes, I was there.

But the detail is a little sparse.

Reading detailed accounts of each match for the first European campaign only confused me further.

I was definitely at most of these matches as a seven year-old. I feel a little cheated though that the significance of what was achieved doesn’t register as a firm memory for me.

All I can recall are the floodlights, the crowd and being escorted down to the front of the old Bridgford End each match to stand on a milk crate.

Matches during that European run have merged into one.

I do have firmer memories of the 1978 League Cup Final replay at Old Trafford.

Did Forest actually win the European Cup?

Monday evening was a mixture of more work, more football.

That current Crystal Place away kit is a thing of beauty.

It was most odd for Lambeth Council to respond to a Freedom of Information Request before bedtime.

I added to the oddness with the request for an internal review.

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