A fiddly fiddlesticks 8am work shift to start Sunday morning.

The Facebook balls up of Friday is having an impact on both work and play.

Streams for various work clients in third party tools have had to be reset.

Meanwhile the world will stop spinning if the RSS feed patching up the Weird Wiv Forum to everyone’s favourite social network isn’t fired up once again.

Hey hoe.

Work tools were downed mid-morning.

Next up was the Great eBay Sale Part II.

What started as a one off over the summer to sell a tailored shirt that didn’t fit me, has led to my entire wardrobe being shifted.

I was reluctant to reach for the large bag in the attic containing nostalgia.

But it ‘aint what it used to be, and neither is my waistline.

As much as I love the retro Raleigh long sleeved bicycling top, let’s be honest: my frame isn’t going to find it a tight squeeze these days to fit into the 36 inch chest.

This was a very delicate and emotional exercise.

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Great eBay Sell Off Round Two #nffc

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I have said all along that some parts of my memorabilia are completely off limits. The run of Forest shirts from ’88 to ’95 are strictly non-negotiable.

I then looked up the price that they are now selling for.


And so bye bye the late 80’s Forest Wembley catwalk collection. You haven’t seen any significant action since around ’93.

Much like the team.

Meanwhile I have a new bloody boiler to pay for next month.

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Great eBay Sell Off Round Two

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Farewell Notts County home and and away from those heady Meadow Lane days with that nice Neil Warnock.

I didn’t add to the description for the Notts away top that it had seen some chunder action in Leicester Square after Millwall away in ’91.

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Great eBay Sell Off Round Two

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I was surprised about how relaxed I was to let go of the two original Stone Roses T-Shirts.

Plus a very, very rare Billy Bragg T-shirt.

But it’s all about the DOSH, innit.

They are doing no good sitting in my loft.

But hang on.

The Brixton Cycles mid-90’s cycling top was lovingly put away in storage once again. As was a pair of Dulwich Hamlet long sleeved shirts, the much-missed London Knights ice hockey tops and a couple of korfball club shirts.

I can’t see there being a market for korfball crap tbh.

It was a pain photographing and listing everything. I wanted them all up by the end of day. Sunday evening is the opportune time for any eBay auction to end.

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Down by the Muddy Banks #WeirdWiv

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I celebrated with a spin along The Trail, and then a brief swim and weights sessions.

The gents changing rooms were a little ewww.

I found myself standing bare foot in a pile of talcum powder left behind by some other fella.

It felt like being in an Old Spice ad from the 70’s.

The bicycle ride back to base involved a stand-off with a very determined pedestrian.

I rang my bell with about 25m of me approaching him.

He acknowledged, and then took up position in the middle of the Trail and stretched open his arms.

wtf, fella?


I had a tight turnaround with another session out on the water with WivGigs.

Time and tide etc.

I’m absolutely LOVING the rowing.

OK, I’ve yet to row through a winter, but the decision to join the club has been the best thing that I have done this year.

We have the most beautiful estuary at the bottom of the town.

Best get out there and use it.

I’m learning slowly, slowly the various tasks that need to be completed for launching and landing.

I took control of the trailer navigation wheel as the good ship Audacity was carefully taken down the Sailing Club hard.

I didn’t like to tell the other club rowers that I haven’t even got a driving licence.

John W was down the muddy banks as high water was approached.

I liked his quip of:

“I see you’ve joined the gig economy.”

Too true, Comrade. Too true.

We rowed out towards Rowhedge, took one look at the darkening Constable skies, and then headed back downstream.

This was the best row for me so far. It took a little time, but I thought that I found my rhythm and strength.

I’m finding the concentration tricky. You need to row in rhythm with the other crew members, balanced with adding a little BEEF into your own action.

I was asked to dangle my leg overboard as we landed back at the hard.

“Can you feel the surface of the river yet?”


VERY close to man overboard.

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Lovely old row up the dirty, dirty river

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A quick clean up, and then work shifts completed Sunday evening.

SIX WEEKS booze free tomorrow.


Chin chin.

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