A lack of layers characterised the early morning ride into Colchester for Castle Park Run.

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Muddy Banks Man, innit

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I’m still on the summer lycra. The Estuary Wilds weather is turning. It was rather chilled out along the Trail.

I managed a rare wry smile to myself as I cycled past the student accommodation at the Hythe.

Cars were arriving and unloading freshers.

This was me twenty-eight years ago, first touching down in this corner of North Essex.


Would I swap it now?

Would I chuff.

Colchester Park Run was a little rammed.

It was only halfway around that I realised that I was running with my Brockwell Park pacemaker.


It’s a bit of a weird set up for us both as we bounce back and forth between S Ldn and North Essex.

Madam Pacemaker still managed to finish ahead of me.

I did have plans to shoot straight off after my sprint (ish) finish.

I ended up in a deep conversation with a very decent local Cllr sort.

We both commented how the jubilation and love of Park Run can soon disappear when you ponder local political issues.

I cycled off to the gym with Anna not far behind.

Today was her turn to puncture.

I received a text as I was approaching the gym that she had gone all pssssst.

Oh dear.

I pointed out that if you are going to bloody puncture then it is probably best to puncture outside a bicycle shop.

The Gym Bunnies led to an average weights session.

Pairs of pals dominate the equipment, stopping users from having a short set.

It’s very much a male, macho thing.

The last thing I want to do whilst bench pressing is to get all buddied up with some bloke.

I retreated to the pool and partnered up with… The Undertaker.

A brief turnaround back at base, and then out went the shout of:

“To the the boat!”

The Sailing Club had its annual Open Day. The WivGigs club was taking part, offering passenger rides up and down the estuary.

It was absolutely lovely.

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OARS UP Skipper!

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We picked up passengers all afternoon, as well as hopefully some new members.

I’m personally coming to terms with all the terminology.

“Give me some power stroke side!”

Aye, aye Captain.

I’m still slightly nervous about not keeping the timing with the other rowers. There is no hiding place in a boat of four for any mistakes.

I spent a little time on the pontoon, welcoming passengers on board.

The display of SMOCKS on show from some of the good owd Essex boys was bloody impressive.

I was back home and showered in time for the second half of the Chelsea Vs Liverpool match.

Work shifts then took over the rest of Saturday evening.

I’m back in the boat tomorrow 🙂

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