The good and the bad for the bicycle ride to the pool on Friday morning.

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#WeirdWiv, innit

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First was the tranquility of the Trail. I wasn’t sure where to look for the beauty – the skies above or the outgoing tide.

And then the crappiness of being cut up by a car driver who tried to overtake me on a single pass bollard in the road.

The Whitehall Road hill in Sunny Colch is shit for cyclists. Cars either speed up as they climb, or race back down on the descent.

Bollards are in the middle of the road at the spot that is most prone to Petrol Heads trying out their racing track skills.

There is only room for one road user to pass – car driver or cyclist.

Sadly most car drivers still try to take you during this stretch. The Highway Code recommendation of a one and a half metre passing lane is blatantly ignored.

The only way to feel safe whilst riding this stretch is to take the middle of the short stretch of road.

Some FOOL still tried to take me on Friday morning.

Hey hoe.

It didn’t get much better in the pool.

A determined female swimmer decided to kick me rather hard in the ribs after I asked if I could share the fast lane with her.

Cheers, determined female swimmer.

I didn’t hang around for long. The changing room had an unknown insect body on the floor that was half cut. It was moving ever closer towards me as I gave myself a good rub down.

The Friday morning work shifts were uneventful in comparison.

@RobertElms rightly had a Chas Hodges Four-fer.

Luncheon was spent giving the garden a quick once over.

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#autumn colours

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I was tempted to ignore the pile of leaves that are building up. Why sweep them up each week when you can do a batch job at the end of the month?

My mood wasn’t really for gardening.

Sometimes it can be the perfect escape from all the data that is being thrown at you in the work browser. But it seemed like a chore rather than relaxation today.

The lawn was given what might be the final mow of the season. It felt heavy as I moved the Flymo up and down.

I saved a frog that leapt out just in time ahead of the blades.

A date with Dotty and her inquisitive paws surely awaits if you hang around, fella.

The rake made the first appearance of the season. The discoloured mint leaves still left a fresh aroma as they were scooped up.

Soon we will be entering the FORKING season.


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#favekitten 😸❤️

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Daisy was outside with me for most of this time. She loves a bit of company in the garden whilst Dotty is out doing Gawd knows what.

Daisy also respects her boundaries.

She climbed on to my shoulders, and then nervously on top of the garden gate.

Don’t do it, luv: Here be the Big Bad World.

She gave it one look over the gate, and then thought f-it.

I know exactly how she feels.

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#homemade coleslaw. The best

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Some homemade coleslaw was rustled up. The blandness was rescued with the squeezing of a lemon.

I had some bloody tumblr issues early afternoon.

This is an ongoing thing for me. tumblr’s UI is a right arse.

I’ve got various third party apps to access different accounts on the phone, both for work and play.

The end solution?

Use the native app, Jase.


Some more work, and then a half hour window.

I sat outside with a cup of tea and rattled off another chapter in the Miracles book.

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Happy #nffc

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It’s a bloody good read.

Anna returned from silly golf.

I had a little more work, and then we went to catch the Estuary Wilds sunset.

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#WeirdWiv, innit

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A little Friday night TV, BOOZE-less, and then the late late shift with the telly client.

Welcome to the weekend.

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