A particularly plodding PLOD of a run early on Thursday morning.

It’s been over a week since I last pounded the mean streets of either S Ldn or the Estuary Wilds.

I’m a water man at heart; see water, SWIM etc.

Plus I’ve put on a few pounds in comfort eating. The BOOZE abstinence has left me looking for alternative pleasures.

I caught the sunrise sneaking up on me as I reached the estuary at Alresford.

It was a special moment as the mist lifted to reveal fields painted with dew.

I ran straight into a bloody sticky spider’s web as I tried to take in the natural freak show.

That will teach me.

Sweat and a spider’s web stuck in your beard is not a good look.

I picked up the pace for the final few kms. The first conkers of the season needed to be dodged on the approach road home.

I was back at base in time for the 8am work shift.

Alexa: shuffle songs by The Thompson Twins.



Not bad.

Alexa: STOP.

Some school admin followed.

I finally caught up on all the publishing last night. There were still endless odd jobs wrapping up from my blitz of S Ldn schools last week.

The Work Scheduling Gods gave me a three hour window over luncheon.

My plan was to cycle over to Brightlingsea for one last late summer jolly.

I checked the Surrey score back at The Oval and decided to stay put with Sky Sports.

Cricket. Bloody hell, etc.


The Essex slappers just about deserved the one wicket victory at the end of four days of fascinating play at the Home of Champions.

But this Surrey team is something truly special.

#3feathers and PROUD.

An email dropped saying that the hit and miss energy supplier is putting up my tariff, both for Sunny Stockwell and the Estuary Wilds.

I didn’t give the hit and miss energy supplier the chance.


The afternoon work shifts kept me busy.

I explored the Sleaford f-ing Mods EPs that are new to me.

The working soundtrack changed mid-evening with TOTP on BBC4.

The Cure, Van Halen and Spitting Image.

1985 was WEIRD.

Anna returned from S Ldn late in the evening with fanciful tales of her night out at the Surrey Members’ Award evening.

I got my head down with a run of shifts for the telly client.

My body still aches after the bloody PLOD earlier on.

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