A day spent working indoors.

Hey hoe.

Make hey, etc.

It was a GLORIOUS Estuary Wilds day out there. It’s a shame that my only chance to soak it up was a trip to the Co-op.

An invoice landed early morning for The Chronic domain renewal.


I dithered for a few minutes, but eventually spunked up the £35 for another year.

It’s been almost four months since I actually produced any content for the blog. The Twitter feed is usually fired up for Council meetings.

As ever, Time and Tide are the main reasons.

I resolved to EARN – rather than arse around on non-paying projects – a few months back.

Conversations have been had about monetizing [urgh] The Chronic.

But it all seems like… bloody hard work.

But yeah – the domain and hosting is up to date for another year.

We’ll see.

A mad morning then followed on a work crisis simulation.

This was an ACE exercise.

It’s something of a standing joke within the team that the virtual players that I am given to test are always pretty ropey with their responses.

Not so for Wednesday morning.

I was confronted by a team of social experts who were running rings around me and all the tricks I was trying to play.

Impressive, fellas.

All this activity took place whilst Daisy and Dotty had a pretty bruising play fight in front of me.

The distributed workforce can be a little challenging.

Luncheon was taken listening to the Leader’s speech.

When did the Absolute Boy become so slick?

I tried to make a start on editing and publishing the school content from last week. Two weeks into the new term and already the backlog is piling up.

Surrey ball-by-ball kept me company.

It seems that I chose the wrong day for the final jolly of the summer. Day 4 Vs the Essex Slappers looks like it could be interesting.

Anna was back at The Oval in the evening for the End of Season Awards.

I was stuck indoors with the telly client.

Turn on, tune in etc.

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