That was a day.

It started with a very amusing porridge incident. No surprises to know that Madam Dotty was involved.

Both Daisy and Dotty were restless all night. They were banging around downstairs whilst I was half-asleep.

I couldn’t be arsed to see what all the commotion was about. It probably involved another mouse, anyway.

And whaddyaknow.

I ventured downstairs for the all-important, first, second, third and fourth cup of tea of the day.

Both cats were still hunting.

They were on to the scent of something, both sniffing around as I was straining the PG Tips.

Past experience has led me to understand how Mr Mouse is rather clever and manoeuvres himself into a kitchen cupboard and out of their reach.

I opened the porridge cupboard and Dotty dived in.

The comedy came when I noticed that an unopened bag of porridge had a little leakage as Dotty pushed it aside.


I then saw a small hole that had been gnawed into the packaging.

Talk about death by porridge, etc.

Mr Mouse has attempted to bury himself away within the oats.

He was still very much alive as well.


He deserved to be saved, such was the effort that he went to in order to escape Madam Dotty.

Farewell Mr Mouse, down the bottom of the garden at 6am.

I’m sure we’ll be seeing you again sometime soon.

I had a little time to spare ahead of Castle Park Run in Sunny Colch. I settled down to read a couple of chapters in the Forest Miracles book.

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Good old #Essex libraries #nffc #TwoStarsonTheBadge

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There’s the danger here that the Clough myth gets re-told, with every story then taking on a different life of its own.

We’ve seen this with the punk documentaries showing endless Winter of Discontent scenes from Leicester Square.

But the Miracles book is brilliant. It starts in ’74 and tells the Clough story in a time BC. Ian Taylor has done his research about the culture around the club in the days leading up to You Know What.

It almost made me late for Park Run.

The Trail was magnificent early morning.

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A pheasant crossed my path, heading over to the Rowhedge side of the Muddy Banks as I cycled along.

Castle Park Run saw the first layering of leaves for the season.

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#Colchester Park Run, innit. LOVE IT

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Strangely I has a LibDem Conference catch up half way around.

I put my rather average 22’33” race time down to the political discourse whilst trying to run.

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Oh dear

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I had a few errands around town. The South Lambeth Road bank account is finally up and running – another development that took place during my sabbatical.

10am on a Saturday morning is the best time to do your business banking.

I cycled on to the gym for some light weights and a power swim. Some fella emptied the contents of his nose in the showers as I was about to enter.

Cheers, some fella.

I swam forty lengths with The Undertaker.

“You’re swimming slower”

…commented The Undertaker.

I always suspect that he is measuring me up for business.

Anna returned from The Lakes. I had a random midday luncheon work shift.

Saturday afternoon then went a little wonky.

We did the FULL #WeridWiv thing.

First up was the new community market in the Congregational Hall. It was half-decent. Somehow we got involved in a conversation about how land ownership has led to war.

We only wanted some Granny Smiths tbh.

We strolled around the town as part of the History Heritage Trail. It was very detailed and very good.

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Walking the #WeirdWiv Step Back in Time #rocknroll

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The idea was that you use a QR code to access properties and locations as they appeared one hundred years ago.

The town was buzzing with many folk doing a similar thing.

I couldn’t but help think that this was what the High Street might have looked like one hundred years ago, minus the iPhones.

I snapped away, having been asked to take some photos by one of the organisers.

We did a little art.

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AHOY! #WeirdWiv

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The Nottage exhibition was great. Anna was / is very tempted by some work that doubles up as a reading light.

We snaked around to the Business Centre for an Open Day at the new Printworks.

This is proper old school printing with some impressive machinery. It took me back to my screen printing days at Primary School.

A quick refuel back at base, and then out went the shout of:

“To the canoes!”

Actually it was singular,

Anna bottled it.

I had little energy, but there was another impressive spring high tide in brilliant early autumn sunshine.

I paddled upstream towards the University, and then coasted back along the outgoing tide.

The rowing club Audacity boat passed me mid-channel.

Aye Aye!

Saturday evening was spent with work shifts and some t20 Finals Day action.

That was a day.

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